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For most small and mid-size businesses it is not feasible to take on the time consuming necessity of Social Media. Be it know-how, man power, time constraints, creative block, or a lack of graphic or technical skills, Frogman Media Group relieves you of the challenge to stay current and prominent online. We blog, post, manage and analyze your social media spaces regularly. We become an extension of your team. A social media arm you can rely on to sustain your professional online presence, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We continue to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Sabrena Gartland
Founder & Creative Director

About the Founder

With over a decade of experience in the wide-ranging art of marketing and (what some might say) a magical talent with social media in particular, Founder and Creative Director Sabrena Gartland dreams up (and manages) the always inspired but frenetic daily operations of Frogman Media Group. This is accomplished while also keeping in mind the big picture as the setter of company policy and the person in charge of the overall direction, development, and implementation of Frogman’s long-term growth strategies. Having a special knack for both early and later-stage start-ups and a decidedly soft spot for small business entrepreneurs, Sabrena is where the proverbial buck stops when it comes to all matters regarding design and technology solutions for Frogman’s valued clientele. Sabrena is driven by a passion for finding new, exciting and effective ways to engage the denizens of the virtual world and has extensive experience working within a myriad of industries, (in both the B2B and B2C categories), and is well-versed in all the latest trends, methods and means in SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing). Sabrena also has a way with words and is a dedicated provider of the very best in content creation for blogs, websites, advertisements, and so much more.




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You can reach us if you need more information or for any other assistance by submiting a business inquiry online.

Frogman Media Group was hired to help my company grow our social media audience, manage campaigns and help fine-tune our brand messaging. What I received went well beyond the services I expected. Sabrena Gartland and her team provided expert guidance in content development and delivery. Frogman made analytics and data easy to understand in order to make better strategic decisions and maximizing opportunities across platforms. Additionally, the Frogman team delivered invaluable help creating marketing materials and collateral assets. The level of customer care has been impeccable, with every request fulfilled with impressive speed and the highest quality. Engaging Frogman Media was an excellent investment that paid off almost immediately and I highly recommend their services.

Ivette T.
Director of Marketing , Wolfpack Ninjas

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