3 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Are Not Dependent On Social Media

There is immense pressure to establish a social media presence for engagement and sales. There is even more pressure to tap into the local markets which are why small businesses now rely on traditional marketing strategies rather than social media sites. With only 17.5% of global sales occurring online, these three marketing strategies will help business bypass social media entirely.

1. Public Speaking Events

If you are comfortable writing about your business, you have the right skill set to also put your words to good use by building a program for a public speaking event. Even if you are not yet comfortable in front of crowds, marketing your small business through face-to-face speaking events is a great way to reach out to new consumer demographics.

Not only are you using public speaking to define your business, but you can also use this platform to establish your industry standing because of the direct focus on your product or service. Do not focus solely on sales. It is your opportunity to talk about your business vision and goals or tell your personal story in a way that inspires and motivates others.

By planning your marketing strategy, you have an opportunity to build relationships. Just like you would promote on social media, do not forget to use the same marketing mindset by assessing the merits of your program and company objectives. Perform product or service promotion tutorials, hand out samples, or give discounts for in-store promotions.

2. Participate In Local Trade Shows

Marketing at trade shows provides several benefits. For local owners, it is also an ideal way to market products or services in a forum dedicated to bringing businesses and consumers together. You want to use trade shows to network with your competition and market to attendees with an advertising message that resonates and leaves an impression.

This type of venue is also a direct contact method which means that it is a great way to introduce staff skillsets by having short presentations that highlight a product or service. It is also the type of event where you can easily generate sales leads by handing out business cards or getting people to sign up for future mail or email marketing campaigns.

3. Blogging

Even though your goal is to avoid market strategies that do not involve social media, it does not mean you should avoid e-commerce altogether which is why blogging on your website is a great way to engage, relay industry knowledge, and boost sales. When you know who your target audience is, it is easier to create blogs that people want to read.

It is also an opportunity to define your niche and sub-niches. You can collaborate with similar businesses to share blogs that will reach new audiences. There are also lots of websites that allow you to post guest blogs to reach new markets. While you may be required to pay a small publishing fee or give a freebie to be featured, the ROI is worth it.

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