3 Social Media Posts That Can Instantly Boost Sales

Wondering how to maximize your social media presence? When used correctly, these three posting strategies can give your business a quick and easy jolt.


Smart Social Strategy


Businesses should definitely use social media, but the way you use it matters. You don’t want to post the same way you do with your personal account; your business isn’t a person, after all, and the people who follow your business account probably aren’t looking for random life updates. These three types of posts aren’t really something you’d want to do on your personal account, but when used sparingly on your business account, they can make your followers more engaged and will likely result in a sales bump.


The “Act Now!” Announcement


The exact nature of this post will vary depending on whether your business provides goods or services, but the goal is to provide a limited-time open for a customer or client to take advantage of an opportunity. This can mean offering a flash sale on a specific item that you discovered while taking inventory; you can post a picture of the item and mention that it’s on sale for a specific percent discount until 5:00 the same day. It can also mean that you post a notice that you have an unexpected appointment time within the next 24 hours if you get a last-minute cancellation. Using social media to spin these potential losses into the customer’s gain can make your feeds more exciting. Followers who see the offer but decide not to take advantage of it today will keep in mind that they can benefit from following you, making them less likely to unfollow in the future.


The Aspirational Post


Influencer marketing is a rising trend, but you don’t need the latest flash-in-the-pan YouTube star to endorse your business to present your products as aspirational. While good product photography and elegant, stylish presentation are a must on any social network, you can use your feed to cast your business in a desirable light by showing your products or services in action. This could mean showing a hand wearing one of your jewelry pieces clutching a designer handbag or a well-groomed man in a tailored suit using your app. You can even repost particularly attractive pictures posted by actual customers to keep the authenticity factor high.


The Deft Use of a Hashtag


Major brands are often able to get their own hashtag campaigns going, and while small and medium businesses may not have the same kind of traction, you can use trending or popular hashtags to boost your profile. Keep an eye on trending topics, and if you see one that is a natural fit for your brand, fire off a link to and photo of a relevant product along with a pithy message and the hashtag in question.


One of the best things about using social media for marketing is that you can adjust your strategy on the fly and see how it works. If you need more help with your approach to social marketing, get in touch and let us show you what we can do.

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