3 Top Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Utilize

Did you know that more than three billion people use one or more social media platforms every day? In today’s business world, social media is a dominant tool that boosts consumer revenue, sales, and engagement. Do you know which one of the platforms offer the most benefits to business owners? Each platform has different B2B and B2C dynamics, so here are three social media platforms your business should utilize.

  1. Facebook


Facebook now has more than 2.2 billion monthly users and more than 1.2 billion of them access the platform daily. According to Pew Research Center, Facebook attracts about 74% of female and 42% of male users in the United States. Their research also found that:

  • More than 1.15 billion mobile users access Facebook.
  • 81% of Facebook’s users are between the age of 18 and 29.
  • 74% of its users check in at least once every day
  • 45% of Americans get information from Facebook.


What the data suggests is that Facebook offers a significant opportunity for businesses to identify with target audiences as well as tap into new ones based on the diversity of its demographics.


  1. YouTube


YouTube has 1.8 billion global monthly users. You also can show consumers rather than tell them which changes the type of advertising you put out on this type of platform. YouTube is ideal for the following reasons:


  • 90% of internet users consume videos online.
  • Two-minute videos receive the most
  • More than 85% of marketers use YouTube.
  • More than a third of internet users access YouTube and consume 5 billion videos each day.
  • You can access videos on YouTube in 76 languages.

Because business owners control the channel, you have an opportunity to deliver videos that provide a consistent tone and brand message.

  1. Instagram


With just over 800 million monthly users, Instagram is the third most used social media platform. Did you know that 80% of its users are from outside of the United States? This platform would be ideal for global branding and sales. Other statistics that businesses should know are:


  • Data from eMarketer shows that Instagram will make $ 6.84 billion in mobile advertising revenue in 2018.
  • More than 63% of teens between the age of 13 and 17 use Instagram which is higher than the 54% who use Snapchat.
  • About 95% of Instagram users also use Facebook which enables you to mix and match the type of content you release.
  • Per the above referenced Pew Research Center data, Instagram user income levels are evenly mixed. 38% earn under 30K, 32% earn under 50K, 32% earn under 75K, and 31% earn more than $75K.

Based on the research of these three platforms, companies should utilize Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram since they target an even mix of demographics including age, income levels, and locations. If you need help with marketing services like branding, lead generation, engagement, customer acquisition, website analytics, or content, contact us to learn more about how Frogman Media Group will assist you with any of our social media management services.

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