4 Top SEO Trends of 2020

As 2019 draws to a close, you may be focused on your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Before you begin planning your festivities, however, it’s important to plan for the new year. Every year, the top SEO trends, as well as Google’s algorithms, are updated and innovated to fit the new year. While most things will stay the same – such as SEO basics like keywords – 2020 will bring in some new trends. To make your transition into the new year and decade easier, here are 4 of the top SEO trends of 2020. 

Voice Search Optimization

One thing that won’t surprise you while moving into the new year is the importance of mobile devices. As more users switch to mobile devices for most of their web surfing, it is important to make sure that your website can support one of the newest features to become relevant in SEO in 2020: voice search. Unlike manual searches which are done through typing – whether on mobile or desktop – voice searches tended to be worded differently. Often, voice searches are conducted in a way similar to questions such as “When is Thanksgiving?” rather than commands or snippets like “Thanksgiving 2020”. This means that how you write your content – from your title to your headings to the keywords you use will need to be adjusted.

Video Content

Between Youtube and influencers, the late 2010s were dedicated to videos, and this trend is expected to continue into the new decade. That’s why video content has landed itself as one of the most valuable SEO trends of 2020. Not only is incorporating relevant, high-quality videos on your website a good way to boost your ranking, it’s also a great way to deliver snippets of useful information. 

Featured Snippets

If you’ve done an internet search recently then you’re already familiar with this 2020 SEO trend. At the top of the search result page, in a highly coveted area known as ‘Position 0’ there is a small ‘snippet’ of information that contains answers regarding your search. One of the most special things about this area is that the search promoted here isn’t always the highest ranking – in fact, there have been times when this result isn’t even on the first page! Yet, the featured snippet has shown to gain around half of the clicks for a single search. This is because, while the ranking is still important, search engines choose this spot based off of the relevancy of content as well as the conciseness. Having clear headings, preferably those in question form, with a short paragraph of relevant, concise information is one of the best ways to land your website on Position 0.

Importance of CTR and Dwell Time 

In 2020, your ranking will depend on more than just the amount of traffic you drive to your website – it will also take into account the type of traffic you drive. Both CTR and Dwell Time are important factors that gage the relatability, relevance, and quality of your content by focusing on how many people click off your site and the average time a person spends on a page.