5 Creative Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Connecting with your customers online involves a strategic approach that requires far more than canned thank you messages and invites to ‘click to learn more’. To stand out in today’s overly saturated digital landscape, authenticity counts. You’ve got to develop a personal relationship with your customers, and the way that you do that is through the posts that you create and share via social media.

Frequent Content Doesn’t Mean Connection

It’s not enough to put content up frequently. People are used to seeing that. What surprises them more is that there is someone available to answer their questions, respond to their requests for more information, and to even acknowledge and thank them for their feedback. Since conversations are two-sided, it’s absolutely necessary that you not only ask for your customers’ opinions but to also explore their ideas and respond in kind to their suggestions.

Give Your Customers More of You in Every Post

Transform your content so that it provides real value to your customers’ lives. There are many ways to use social media platforms to your advantage. The suggestions listed below are meant to be a starting point for your own creative ideas. They’ll inspire you to think outside the box by giving your customers what they truly want and need from you.

Here are five creative ways to get more engagement on your social media posts going forward:

1. Host a contest.

Give your customers a reason to get excited about what you have to offer once again. Decide which type of contest you want to have, assemble a handful of judges to weigh in on the entries or use a plug-in such as Rafflecopter to randomly select a winner. Don’t forget to announce the results on your social media accounts!

2. Turn fans into promoters.

There is no better way to get your customers on board with what you’re selling by giving them the chance to benefit from their promotion of you. Start a referral program and distribute unique referral codes to each person who signs up. That way, they can share your content and reap the rewards of helping other people discover your amazing products and services.

3. Reward customer loyalty with exclusive promotions.

Give your VIPs extras throughout the year. You can even create a Facebook Group just for your loyal customers. Including member exclusive content there makes them feel extra special.

4. Use fan-created content with permission.

Let your customers be in the limelight for once. Highlight their amazing achievements using your products and services. Showcase their creative content on your social media platforms after obtaining their written permission.

5. Work with influencers to widen the reach of your marketing campaigns.

Your social media manager can attest to the value of working with influential people. Allow them to promote your products and services in exchange for free or deeply discounted items. Broaden your reach by being introduced to new people everyday thanks to the influencers.

What ideas do you have to add to the list? Jot a few down so you can discuss them with your social media manager during the next meeting you have. You’ll be able to better explain to them what you want that way.

How Hiring a Social Media Manager Benefits You

It’s clear that your busy schedule won’t allow room for 24/7 engagement. That’s where hiring a social media manager comes in. Doing so allows you to remain a part of the engagement process without adding dozens of additional tasks to your to-do list. It also ensures that you don’t miss an important opportunity to build a relationship with a prospective customer who may have visited your Facebook or Instagram account before they made an appearance on your website.

Working with the social media manager you’ve hired to come up with engaging posts benefits you in many ways. Not only do you create a presence online that your customers relate to, but you also provide them with valuable insight about your company, its offerings, and values through the content being posted. Getting to know the customer’s wants and needs helps you develop better products and services for your target demographic. It also allows you to discover new ways for your offerings to be used because your customers share their experiences with you which furthers the creation process even more.

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