5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Followers

Social followings can be a surprisingly useful tool for brands to leverage in their digital marketing efforts. Interacting with followers is important, but those interactions don’t just have to consist of empty platitudes and “we’re sorry to hear that” apologies. Paying attention to what your followers have to say can provide you with some excellent marketing strategy ideas. In a sense, it’s almost like your followers are working to help you be your best.


They’ll Help You Find Unexpected Niches


Niche marketing is incredibly effective, and it’s a great way to stand out in a crowded digital field. You might have some niches already defined for your product or service, but if you listen to your followers, you may be surprised to see that you’ve got a strong presence in an unexpected niche. Paying attention to who comments, who they tag and what they say can also point you in the direction of some potential micro influencers in a valuable niche.


Their Voice Can Refine Your Voice


As digital audiences look for more authentic and relevant content, they tend to focus on sources that use a voice they can relate to. Brands that can accurately use a specific voice can make effective inroads with new markets, though it’s important to be careful with this – authenticity is key, and if you try and fail to capitalize on jargon or trending slang, you could do more harm than good.


Their Feedback Can Help You Improve


It can be tough to get critical feedback from your customers, especially in a public venue that’s available for all to see. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything of value in overly harsh comments and reviews. Both praise and criticism can reveal some weak points to fix and strong suits to leverage. If enough of your followers have the same complaint, it may be time to reassess.


Their Opinions Can Become Your Image


Not every digital consumer is taking the time to think critically about whether public opinion is fair or deserved. For some, a hashtag is enough to decide that a product or service is no longer worth their time. Ignoring your followers can be costly not only from a traditional customer relations perspective but also because it’s important to get ahead of trending opinions that can impact your image in the long term.


They’ll Appreciate the Recognition


Why do people comment on blogs, leave product reviews and post on social media in the first place? They want to be heard. Even if what’s being said is phrased in a crude, rude or childish way, that message is coming from a person who wants some sort of recognition. That’s not to say that you have to give positive recognition and responses to abhorrent comments or feedback. Brands typically do best when they don’t take the bait or appear to implicitly approve of trollish behavior. However, frustrated, confused or happy customers like knowing that they’re not just shouting into the void. Responding well to your followers can be essential in building a long-lasting positive reputation.

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