5 Rules to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been around since the advent of the internet yet it is still one of the best high conversion online marketing channels available for most businesses, both large and small. Consider this: 66% of consumers have made purchases based on an email marketing blast. This explains why this marketing medium has survived “unscathed” into the era of social media marketing.

Good email marketing will communicate effectively to your audiences, build the relationships, get you useful marketing data that can be redeployed in the future marketing and also boost the ROI on your online marketing. As potent as email marketing is in delivering the goods, there are still numerous businesses that miss the mark and fail to get effective email marketing.

Email marketing is not just about blasting out the messages. There are various nuances that you need to keep in mind when crafting your email marketing messages. You need to keep the audience and the message in mind. Email marketing campaigns that fail to get that are disposed into the trash as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

Here are some 5 rules of effective email marketing campaigns that you must incorporate in order to get the best ROI:

#1 Craft Optimal Subject Lines for Your Email Campaigns

Whether your emails will be opened or disposed off in the trash as soon as they arrive will largely depend on the email subject line strategy that you adopt. For effective campaigns, you must learn how to craft optimal email subject lines. There are certain strategies in the subject line that will boost the click through rates or open rates of your email campaigns such as creating a sense of urgency in the messaging, asking a question as a form of CTA, being very specific and to the point, using all caps for emphasis and incorporating words such as “FREE”, “new”, “sale” or “video”.

#2 Optimization of the body content

Email campaigns open rates can be as low as 1% or as high as 20%. However, it is not just enough for users to open the email. There is an action you want your audiences to perform beyond just opening the email. You will only get if you optimize the content of the email body and make it convincing enough to elicit a reaction. If you have an offer, make sure it is clearly conveyed and that you have outlined how it will benefit the reader. Use great images, short paragraphs as well as bullet points. Make it attractive and readable and don’t waste the readers’ time.

#3 Optimize the CTAs

The email campaign message must have a CTA at the beginning or middle of the body content. The CTA must have a prominent link or button that the user can click. The CTA must be as visually distinctive as possible. Also, make sure that the CTA is above the fold so that it is the first thing the user notices when they open the email without the need to scroll down the email. The words that use in the CTA must be action oriented and also create a sense of urgency in the mind of the reader, like an offer that will be expiring soon. Throughout the email include many buttons and links directing the reader to your desired web destination.

#4 Optimize for Mobile

With so many readers accessing mail via their tablets or smartphones, you must ensure that your email campaign is properly optimized for the best viewing experience on mobile devices. The data speaks of itself. Close to 90% of email marketers are missing out on potential leads they are sending email marketing campaigns that have not been optimized for mobile experience.

#5 Measure

Without the metrics, you are simply groping in the dark. Fortunately, most of the best email marketing tools such as Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp offer you very detailed metrics on your email marketing campaigns including information on open rates, CTRs, and areas of the email that have been clicked etc. You can use such data to track your campaign performance and make improvements in future campaigns.


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