5 Social Media Management Tips That Deliver Results

Is it challenging to brand your business or engage online with your customers? Social media is a whole new marketplace for many companies which is why it is often tricky to oversee multiple social media pages. Here are five social media management tips that will deliver concrete results.

1. Create A Social Media Strategy That Includes Goals And Actions

A social media strategy is a crucial component for businesses as it determines which platform demographics you want to attract, the time you will post, and how you plan to communicate. A strategy also allows you to implement policy and procedures company-wide so that all employees know their responsibilities and when they should complete them. This strategy improves productivity and sets a standard for digital management.

  • What goals do you want to accomplish with social media?
  • How does this change affect current policy and procedure?
  • What demographics will you target? Which platforms meet these goals?
  • How will these changes affect your marketing team and advertising efforts?
  • How will each platform help your company with branding, vision, or messaging?
  • What are your short and long-term branding, marketing, or communication goals?

Once you have a strategy in place, you have clear objectives that you want to plan for, but you also need to implement a proposal that delivers on your goals. You should have a primary strategy for long-term goals and individual plans for short-term project needs.

2. Use A Content Calendar That Includes Social Media Platform Execution

Have you ever wondered how some businesses are able to create multiple social media posts on different platforms each day? Most likely, these businesses use social media calendars to stay focused on their digital strategy as it details each platform procedure, post times, and keyword usage. You can pre-schedule in batches to save time. This strategy will also work well with social media analytics to identify popular subjects.

3. Strive For Quality Over Quantity

One of the things businesses get wrong is thinking they must post a lot on social media. In fact, most consumers want quality content over non-essential messaging. While consistency is a game-changer, you need to ensure that you are posting information that is entertaining, educational, or informative so that your followers see the value in commenting and sharing your post with their friends, family, and colleagues. It is an ideal way to gain a consumer following while also building a reputation as an industry insider. 

4. Use Automation And Scheduling Tools

Always take advantage of automation and scheduling tools to handle simple tasks. You have access to various apps and can get a lot of multi-tasking done with them. Once the post is set, you don’t have to follow-up unless to make changes or discontinue the action.

5. Communicate In A Friendly Tone

Consumers want to connect with businesses, so you don’t want to use language that makes you sound like a bot. Set a friendly tone, be personable, and share details that allow customers to feel like it is more than a business relationship. Not only will consumers trust you more, but it will help you build a loyal and committed following.

A person who manages social media accounts must be well-organized, attentive, creative, and engaging. A social media manager must also have experience in writing, online branding, marketing, keyword placement, and digital advertising. If you want to invest in an experienced social media manager, Frogman Media Group is a leader in marketing, branding, and messaging.

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