5 Unwritten Rules of Social Media


Upon delving into the world of social media marketing, one of the first things you will undoubtedly learn is that one size does not fit all. A social media strategy that works for one company, or that tends to work for one industry, may flop when applied in different circumstances–or vice versa. Instead, each and every social media campaign must be crafted according to the needs, goals, and audience of each individual company or brand. That being said, there are a few fail-safe rules that apply to virtually all social media brands. Here are 5 of the most important:


  1. Quality trumps quantity. This adage applies to virtually every aspect of social media marketing. For example, when posting, it is far more productive to spend some time curating or creating great content and sharing once or twice per day rather than simply posting every relevant thought that you have. Similarly, it is better to find and cultivate a few valuable connections with people and/or companies that are truly relevant to your industry rather than adding a large number of random pages and simply hoping that things work out. Last but not least, this even applies to the number of social media platforms through which you operate. Especially for small businesses with limited resources, it is often far more productive to focus on building an effective and long-lasting campaign on a few carefully selected social media platforms rather than attempting to manage a page for every social media network out there.


  1. Be Available. Building upon the last point in the paragraph above: an unmanaged social media page is easy to spot–and may cost you a lot of credibility in the eyes of your potential customers and/or clients. Managing your social media accounts means more than simply posting updates–it means being available to your audience and responding to their needs. If someone comments on your page or sends you a message, for example, it is important to respond quickly and accurately in order to assist that person–and possibly begin constructing a relationship.


  1. Form Relationships. Speaking of relationships, they are the lifeblood of virtually any effective social media marketing campaign. This includes potential customers and clients, of course, however, it should also include relationships with social media influencers in your industry: the people and brands that are well-respected and attract large followings of potential clients.


  1. Always Learn. Becoming a life-long learner will help you in virtually every aspect of your personal and professional lives. This certainly applies to social media marketing, where things change very quickly. Making a commitment to reading occasional articles, staying up to date on social media news, and, most importantly, listening to audience feedback, will help you craft the most effective social media campaign for your goals.


  1. 80/20. Last but not least, keep the famous 80/20 rule in mind–even if you do not adhere to it exactly. The 80/20 rule, just in case you’ve never heard of it, states that roughly 80% of your social media efforts should be aimed at entertaining, informing, or in some way offering value to your audience. The other 20% can focus more directly on making sales (or driving whatever other type of conversion your social media campaign aims to achieve.) It is important to keep in mind that this rule is not made to limit you or force you to adhere to a strict equation when forming your posts. Rather, it simply exists to remind social media marketers of a basic law of attracting attention online: you must provide some type of value.


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