7 Issues That Hinder Your Opt-in Marketing Campaign

The perfect time to improve your opt-in campaign is when you notice that people are not signing up for your email list. As your primary objective is to intrigue new followers, it is critical to take a few minutes to identify what is causing the disruption and what you can do to improve your opt-in numbers. Here are seven issues that hinder your opt-in marketing campaign.

1. Your Opt-In Sign-up Form Is Too Long

If you have over-complicated the process, you need to reduce your form size to see if it increases sign-ups. Internet users appreciate simplicity, and you can always ask for more information later through email marketing opportunities.

2. No One Can Locate Your CTA Buttons

Some website owners are self-conscious about requesting personal information and put CTAs in hard-to-find areas. Your visitors can not sign up for what they cannot find. Use opt-in technology to help you create CTAs that are vibrant and invite followers to follow you.

3. Your Site Does Not Use Opt-in Forms

Some sites believe that links are better than automatic pop-up boxes, but visitors rarely want to click on them as it disrupts the reason they visited. Lightbox popups expedite the process because it automatically reminds visitors of the benefit of opting in, and the form also offers upgrades that entice new visitors.

4. The Opt-in Upgrade Is Not Exciting

Your upgrade offer is a freebie, but it needs to be something of value so that it entices someone to sign-up for future communication. Use clear and precise language to sell your upgrade, but be careful not to oversell something that you are offering because you want to build trust with your subscribers.

5. Your Subscription Buttons Are Boring

You will gain very few followers if you use ‘signup now’ buttons. You need to show them a reason why they will want to subscribe. Let them know what they get and how often they will receive it. It will be more effective than just asking someone to opt-in to your list.

6. You Are Not Utilizing Lead Magnets

No one wants a free newsletter these days because everyone provides them and a lot more. You must compete with others who have elevated their content which is exactly what you must do if you want to build an audience. They need to see a reason to stay. Receiving a gift will attract more followers than a commitment to send content at a later time.

7. You Have Not Targeted Users With Multiple Subscription Options

You need to adjust your strategy as one upgrade offer will not appeal to all visitors. You already know the subject that attracted them, so it will be easier to create new upgrade marketing content based on a sub-niche rather than the general niche you represent. Take the time to develop a few different content upgrades to maximize your options thoroughly.

If your subscriptions have slowed, it is just a matter of making a few marketing changes to gain your audience’s attention again. When your visitors see the benefit of your content, they will recognize the value in your opt-in upgrade offer.

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