7 Ways To Be More Engaging On Social Media

Social media is an ideal way to market and add followers to your subscriber list. Social media, however, is more than just a place to market. In 2017, global online advertising reached more than $40 billion which business owners should be aware since competition is growing more intense. Engagement is now an essential marketing tool. Here are seven ways to be more engaging on social media to build your online presence.

  1. Post Every Day

Did you know that nearly half of social media users said that company response is the principal reason that prompts their purchases? Regular commitment with your customers builds your business reputation, but moreover, it allows the company representatives to set a standard for niche identity, customer service, and engagement.

  1. Create Dialogue With Followers

If your sole intent is to boost engagement, creating a dialogue by asking questions is an excellent way to get your customers talking. You can ask questions about product uses, conduct polls, and take surveys that have a direct relation to your niche. You can also find out more about sub-niches so that you get ideas for future marketing content

  1. Create Contests

Even if you have a big following, creating contests can attract new followers, get new email sign-ups, or generate sales. You might create a competition that asks followers to share an image of them using your product with a hashtag, or you could ask them to post a comment about what they love about your company. You could give away products or gift cards which would build subscribers, create comments, and promote likes.

  1. Engage in Live Sessions

Subscribers love when you host live events as it enables them to have direct contact with, “people in charge!” What better way to deal with complaints, talk about new products, or merely listen to consumers than by hosting weekly sessions? Consumers continuously feel that companies do not hear them, and this is a great way to let them know your business not only cares but wants their input in how your company operates.

  1. Share Marketing Content

Anytime you publish content, you want to ensure that it posts directly to your social media accounts. Take the time to introduce the material and provide a brief description of the subject. Remind them to browse other content and make sure they have access to upgrades to get them to sign up for your email list or purchase products.

  1. Be Open And Identify With Your Consumers

As a business owner, you have an opportunity to step outside of that role and relate to your consumers. Why did you start the company? What is your favorite product? Just being open and letting customers know more about your mission statement can boost engagement and build loyalty for the brand.

  1. Acknowledge Followers

Consumers appreciate when you take the time to tag them and acknowledge their commitment to the brand. You can even show your appreciation with free products or e-book product information. Take a few minutes to work with a social media manager to find ways to engage with followers so that they see a reason to visit often.

The key to engagement is to post consistently. Even if you do not receive many replies at first, keep trying as your followers will notice the regular posting and hosting of live sessions. Before long, your dedication to engagement will pay off! 








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