9 Instagram Best Practices

Instagram is a fairly effective platform for personal and business branding, used by both businesses and celebrities alike and has a fairly engaged community with very passionate users. Content creators on Instagram generally enjoy very close and intensive interactions with their Instagram followers.  More than 30 billion photos have been shared on the platform so far!

Instagram is not just the platform for the self-indulgence of celebrities and socialites. Many businesses are wading onto this platform to tap into the magic of its passionate and engaged community.

If you have plans to get in on the Instagram action, here are some useful best practices that you should keep in mind:

#1 Use high quality images

You are not going to win many fans on Instagram with poor quality and hazy images. The Instagram accounts that get the best and most passionate following generally go the extra mile to produce images that are truly visually stunning and creatively put. If you are taking images with a 5mp camera, time to upgrade to 16 or even 23mp. Filters are not always going to do your images justice. The original image must be stunning.

#2 Tell a story

Instagram is not just about posting random photos and hoping to make sense of it. Be creative with your images and tell a story that people find interesting or inspiring or even shocking. Your images will do the talking but they must tell a story. You have to give your following an experience. An example of an Instagram story is Rich McCor’s Paperboyo Instagram account where he is re-visualizing some of the leading landmarks of Europe in a creative and playful manner.

#3 Engage your fans

Take time to engage with some of your most passionate fans and even comment on Instagram accounts of people doing something similar to you. Build connections. Build audiences.

#4 Use hashtags

It is difficult to imagine social media or even Instagram without hash tags. Use and optimize them a lot on your Instagram posts to allow users to track, search and find your posts.

#5 Reward passionate followers

People love freebies!  Giveaways and contests will help get your numbers and engagement up.

#6 Write an extraordinary bio

If you are going to create an extraordinary Instagram profile, don’t just have an ordinary Instagram bio. Fill the bio area thoughtfully with the most relevant and important information about yourself or your brand.

#7 Have the right caption

You don’t have to be a wordsmith but at least capture the essence of every image with clever wording. You use the captions to tell the history and give the viewers a brief background info about your image.

#8 Make it consistent

With Instagram, you can easily build a brand, whether business or personal. Once you have set the tempo with the first few posts, maintain the consistency in the quality and the theme throughout the posts.

#9 Be authentic

One of the reasons users follow “Instagram personalities” is because of the authenticity that they get from those profile. Whether it is your lifestyle or brand, be authentic.

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