Are You A Social Media Influencer? Leverage Your Brand Without A Product

Have you worked hard on various social media platforms to build your brand? You may have even branched out and become a social media influencer for other brands. What do you do now with your millions of followers? Here is how to leverage our brand without having a product.

Branding On Social Media

With every video, post, follow, like, and comment, you build your brand based solely on your ideas or the content you promote or produce. You also learn about your followers when scrolling your newsfeed, so you gain insight into their needs when they respond to your posts. You even likely get proposals to become a social media influencer just to mention a product or service. So, why not work with a white label company to produce products for you to promote and sell them?

Partnering With White Label Companies

When you partner with a white label company, it works somewhat like outsourcing. You consult with a product expert about your product vision, and they produce your products in their labs including your unique label which a graphic designer will help you create. While they are building your products, you can use your branding experience to market and promote it online.

How Do White Label Companies Work?

White label companies have a full infrastructure for product production including labs, assembly, labeling, and distribution which allows you to have an entire product line. Perhaps the best known of White label partnerships are Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner whom both used a white label cosmetic company to launch skincare and cosmetic brands.  The companies produce the products, add your label, and distribute them to customers via social media influencers.

White labeling works similarly to drop shipping in that you buy products and market them to your followers at any price you choose. Your social media followers will never know you worked with a white label as they do not receive any manufacturing information about your affiliates since you are responsible for branding, marketing campaigns, and product sales.

Benefits Of Working With A White Label Company

  • It is a simple solution for social media influencers to expand their brands.
  • You already have your brand built, so you can focus on sales and growth.
  • You receive the full credit for your business ideas and product processing.
  • Your branding determines your success as white label companies produce quality products based on your vision, business goals, and mission as the influencer.
  • You won’t have to worry about manufacturing, so you have more time to market.
  • The white label company you work with will mentor you on product development.
  • It will be easy to add products to your line because the white label company has them.

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