Benefits of Using Facebook for Business

Social media is one of your biggest assets when it comes to boosting your business and driving traffic to your blog. And, of all the social media websites, Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular. Learning how to properly use Facebook – along with other social media sites such as Instagram, which is owned by Facebook – to drive traffic to your business can greatly benefit your business. In fact, here are just a few of the benefits that Facebook offers.

Ability to Reach a Large, Diverse Audience

As of July 2019, Facebook has around 2.7 billion users. That means that, by advertising and boosting your business on the site, you’ll have access to a very large, very diverse audience from a variety of countries such as Hong Kong, Greece, Israel, and the United Kingdom. This means that it can be easy to establish your niche and quickly find loyal followers and even new clients.

Multiple Ways to Interact with Clients

There are many different ways to share on Facebook, which is one reason it’s so popular! You can post on your page or someone else’s; you can share images, links, and videos; and you can even join niche-specific groups. That’s not all, however. You can also like, comment on, or share other page’s posts, allowing your followers to see what else your business is about.

Access to Analytics

A relatively new feature that Facebook has added to business pages is the ability to view analytics through a page called Facebook Insights. One of the best parts of Facebook’s analytics program is that it is designed for all business owners, even those who aren’t familiar with technical jargon. It shows aspects such as the number of likes your page has, the reach of your posts, engagement, and more without being overly complicated or difficult to understand. If you’re using Facebook to drive traffic to your business’ main page, then this can be helpful to see how many people are clicking your links and interacting with your posts, especially if you are using ads.


In today’s up and go world, not a lot of people have the time to sit at home on their computers. Of the 2.7 billion active users, over 989 million users use the mobile app. This doesn’t include the people who visit the app on their mobile device without the app. That means that your business will be able to be viewed and interacted with much more often than if it was on a site that was not supported on mobile devices.

Compatible with Other Social Media Sites

If your business also has an Instagram, a Youtube account, or a WordPress blog, then you can connect directly to your Facebook. This makes sharing your content easier, and it also allows you to access multiple audiences without posting individually on each site. This also helps build your business’ brand, as potential clients will be able to view content across multiple websites and relate it to your business.

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