Benefits Of Using Pinterest For Business

Unlike the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, entrepreneurs are often unaware of the benefits of using Pinterest for business. Not only is it an excellent way to create backlinks and boost traffic, but it also is a demographic-friendly platform that is content-rich. Here’s everything you need to know about using Pinterest for business decision-making.

Understanding Pinterest Demographics

Before you integrate Pinterest into your social media management plan, you need to take the time to understand their demographics and how marketing factors affect your product or service.

  • There are more than 250 million Pinterest users worldwide.
  • Pinterest has 8x more viral content than other platforms.
  • More than eight out of ten users are female, but 40% of new users are male.
  • 93% of the 175 billion pins are completed by women, whose median age is 40.
  • Most active users who pin Pinterest content are under the age of 40.

These demographics provide an up-front understanding of how Pinterest can be used by businesses to market products or services based on gender, ages, and location of pinners. You also can produce quality content and pins to attract new audiences and boost their engagement.

  • You can boost brand awareness.
  • You can use CTAs to boost website and blog traffic.
  • Your business can use Pinterest to generate 3x more in leads.

Top Reasons For Using Pinterest For Business

1. Information Sharing And Receiving

Have you ever visited a site for information only to have to go through multiple steps to get it? It’s frustrating, most especially if you’re researching or trying to finish a task. Pinterest does not make you do anything other than click on a pin, so it makes information retrieval a more straightforward process to complete. Most especially if you are selling a product or service, your pin will influence consumer decision-making.

2. Drives Traffic And Sales

Nine out of ten consumers visit a digital channel to learn more about a product or service. Pinterest not only drives traffic and sales, but the platform also allows users to gain a better understanding of a topic. It’s also a pretty good site for inspiration, whether you are planning for an event or trying to find a delicious recipe to make for a special dinner. Traffic increases are most often related to quality content creation, and Pinterest delivers.

3. Backlink Credibility

It’s important to create backlinks that drive website traffic. Pins also make it easier to validate the information and follow common interests to influence user engagement.

4. Content Creation 

Pinterest is packed with quality content that you can use to boost your website, social media, or blog engagement. If you are also pinning, it will help you establish your business visibility and get a better sense of just what your followers are interested in.

 5. Strategic Social Media Management

Pinterest is so diverse that you will easily be able to fully integrate its capabilities into any social media management strategy, including content creation, sales, and CTAs. 

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