Benefits of Using Tumblr for Business

When it comes to social media and business, most people immediately look to websites such as Facebook or Twitter. While these are both great ways to drive traffic to your blog or business’ website, they aren’t the only helpful social media. Tumblr, a microblogging platform with millions of blogs in various niches, offers a business a lot of surprising benefits that are often overlooked. If you aren’t convinced that Tumblr is right for you and your business, here are its benefits.

Completely Free

There are a lot of hosting sites for websites and blogs, and most of these are even free – to an extent. Most free hosting sites are only mostly free, and, if you want to access all of the available features such as analytics or customization, you’ll have to pay. Unlike all of these sites, though, Tumblr is completely free, allowing you to customize your blog and use whatever media you desire with no additional charges.

Microblogging Style

With the rise of sites like Twitter, microblogging has become extremely popular in the past few years. Tumblr, much like Twitter, allows you to blog about whatever you want without worrying about the content being too short. However, unlike Twitter, Tumblr allows you to have much more free-range with how you post your content – and media.

Ability to Use HTML

HTML is extremely important when it comes to running either a blog or a website. It allows you to customize your webpage along with your posts. Thanks to Tumblr’s HTML abilities, you can create unique text posts that can help you both establish your brand and interact with your followers. You also have the ability to hyperlink within a post, a feature no available on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This makes it easier to drive traffic to your business’ website without crowding a post with links.

Access to Different Types of Media

On most microblogging platforms, such as Twitter, the amount of media you can use and the types of media available can be very limited. Tumblr, however, does not have these same kinds of restrictions. Videos, pictures, GIFs – on Tumblr, you have all of these options right at your fingertips, allowing you to interact with your followers and drive traffic to your blog.

Access to a Large Audience

Despite the fact that Tumblr isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of social media and blogging, it’s extremely popular. In fact, it hosts over 452 million blogs with 371 million monthly visits. There are niches dedicated to everything from art to business to even taxidermy. When all of these facts come together, the result is a platform that allows you to access a wide variety of people with a wide variety of interests, helping you to find your audience. Tumblr also uses a tag system, which allows you to tag your posts – whether it’s media, a quote, or a text post – so that people interested can find it easier.

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