Blogging is an affordable way to market directly on your website. It also allows you to share your blog with your social media followers. Consistent content creation will ensure you build a loyal subscriber list which is ideal when marketing. By inserting a call-to-action within the blog, it will also help you generate brand awareness, audience diversity, leads, sales, and marketing goals.

As search engines index your blog posts, it is essential to have a strategy to improve performance. Most critically, using SEO strategies within your blog posts will boost your ranking and click-through rates on search engines. A first place ranking garners thirty percent more CTR than a tenth place.


  • Brand Your Business
  • Boost Your Website Traffic
  • Build An Industry Authority
  • Promote Products Or Services
  • Promote Content That Is Trustworthy
  • Can Use CTAs To Boost Conversion Rates
  • Boost Consumer Loyalty And Engagement
  • Increase Your SERP Ranking With Search Engine Optimization
  • Establish Your Business As A Knowledgeable Industry Leader
  • Blogs Are More Personal And Focused Toward Your Audience Base
  • You Will Gain User Information For Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogging Allows The Writers To Create Quality Content That Resonates
  • Blogs Allow Multiple Users To Post Which Boosts Knowledge And Expertise
  • Create Relevant Blogs That Increase Word-Of-Mouth Advertising From Shares
  • Consistent Posts Build A Following And Help To Increase Return Visitor Traffic
  • Blogs Will Allow Writers To Create Reputation-Based Anchor Text And Back-Links
  • You Get To Gauge Your Reader’s Interest To Measure New Content Creation Ideas

It is a smart business decision to hire a writer for your content creation because it is less expensive, you get a highly trained specialist who knows how to create blogs, and you do not have to use your office personnel to handle these responsibilities which frees up time for pressing business matters.

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I can’t recommend Frogman highly enough. As a company that had just appeared on Shark Tank, we were inundated with offers for similar services, and many made the mistake of trying to overcharge us because of their assumptions about our situation. Not Frogman. Sabrena came in with a detailed and reasonably priced plan for taking over our social media presence, and entrusting her with our business is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Sabrena and her team are professional and responsive with our customers, and we’ve grown to trust their voice as our own. They are also very strategic and research-driven in how they spend your ad dollars, and hold themselves accountable with detailed reports on their performance. We look forward to growing our business alongside Frogman for many years to come.

Brian S.

Owner , The Comfy