Can White Papers Increase Your Revenue And Growth?

Have you considered using a white paper in your marketing strategy to attract new business? The secret to an effective white paper is to write a document that isn’t so much a sales pitch but rather an informative one. A white paper should not be used as a replacement for your other marketing tools but available as an additional source of information that serves as a testament to your authoritative industry experience. It will also establish your credibility to clients.

If you want to compete with larger competitors, you must also use a white paper to persuade people that you know what you are talking about. You have plenty of other marketing tools, like sales brochures and email campaigns, that you can use to seal the deals. A white paper is your chance to impress your friendly followers and your competitor foes with a multi-page digital download that includes distinctive elements that readers can adapt to boost revenue and growth.

  1. Choose a topic that targets a specific audience group. Write a white paper for each group.

  2. Your white paper must be written in a descriptive manner that includes personal experience, external sources, graphs, and statistics that help you make your case.

  3. Write your document in a problem and solution format.

  4. Use imagery and colorful graphs.

  5. You should end your white paper with a company message that shows how you can help companies who need your services.

Once you have written, edited, and proofread your document, it is time to decide on how best to use the document. You can send an email to followers offering it as a download on your website.

  • You can use it as a CTA marketing tool to get new subscribers.
  • Your company can also offer it as a free report to generate sales leads.
  • You can use a white paper topic to give free public speaking engagements and invite companies who need your services.
  • White papers are also effective advertising tools that you can use in online ads to target search engine users who are searching for your firm’s services.

Using your white paper as a business strategy is also a way to build your revenue and growth. Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, a white paper allows you the best opportunity to generate leads based on your unique industry experiences, business goals, and practices. It is your job to make your business stand out with what makes you unique rather than writing about common industry practices that most businesses consider standard business practice. Here are a few things you will want to consider before you write your next white paper.

  • There is no standard page length. If you write an extended white paper, you will want to add a summary so that readers easily navigate the information.
  • You should format your document as an educational article that is neutral. Give facts but avoid pointing out your superiority. Your content will do it for you.
  • Do not start your document with a sales pitch. You have an opportunity in the closing.


Most critically, use a writer, a graphic designer, and an editor to construct your white paper. The more you invest in your white paper, the more it will generate business growth and revenue.

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