Creating A Content Editorial Calendar

It takes more than advertising in today’s market to attract new customers. Most customers want a quick product or service information as well as engagement. It is through content marketing that this takes place. Like fellow businesses, it is your content marketing that helps you raise awareness, brand, and increase your visibility and SEO-friendly accessibility.

For many business owners, content marketing is challenging as you must spend time creating it and then finding innovative ways to distribute it. It can also be an issue for business owners who lack the time or the creative capacity to keep up content marketing in the long-term.

The solution for business owners is to make a monthly editorial calendar that uses marketing information and target audience demographics to create marketing strategies for social media. When you know the target market and the type of content that will attract them, you need to place a value on how your company will help solve a problem for them.

You also need to help them understand how your business stands out from the competitors. How will you deliver your content? Will you offer a variety of content like how-to articles, infographics, product or service reviews, videos, or opinion topics?

Do you know what social media platforms are best to publish the various forms of your content? Have you created your social media sites, yet? Do you know which demographics are likely to use your intended social media sites? How often will you post each week or month? Now that you know the why, you need to figure out what content you will post.

Creating Your Calendar

First, you need to get a notebook and make a list of the niches you service as well as the topics that are of interest to each group. You may have a subset with minor subsets that represent different demographics. Now look for themes or create content that is multidimensional.

  1. Make A List Of Topics Of Interest


  • Write All Of Your Marketing Content Ideas You Have
  • What Topics Are Popular With Your Visitors?
  • Add A Variety Of Ideas To Your Calendar
  • Do Not Forget About Holidays And Business Themes For Content Marketing


  1. Begin To Add Your Content By The Month, 3-Month, Or 6-Month Plan

  2. Find Any Holidays Or Special Events Of Interest

  3. Add Your Business-Related Content Like How-To Or Product Information

  4. Create Sales-Related Content Ideas

Now that you have a full list of ideas for content, you need to look at themes and begin to fill in your calendar along with who will create it. You should also consider reaching out to guest bloggers or buy content from a publishing company. You should also include your call-to-action which will remind you of what you plan to target such as email lists, engagement, product information, or survey participation. CTA’s will increase your revenue, so you need to figure out how best to market your products or service as well as the ideal platform for it.

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