Digital Advertising

Americans are at the height of digital age development. They also utilize multiple platforms to network, make purchases, and learn company policy and procedures. It is not lost on the business world which is why many are investing digitally to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of consumers worldwide while also leveraging platforms and boosting online business functions.

Digital advertising is a $129 billion-dollar-industry and counting which encompasses any online promotion, media engagement, or marketing of goods or services. Companies have been spurred recently because of the advancements in machine learning in finding new ways to meet consumer needs. A digital advertising strategy will also promote branding, trustworthiness, and growth.

  • ROI For Digital Advertising Is 118% And Only 9% Through Traditional Methods
  • The Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS) Should Be Around A 5 To 1


  • Targeting Demographics To Communicate Directly
  • An Affordable Way To Advertise And Market Online
  • The Digital World Offers Alternative Advertising Channels
  • You Can Invest Instantaneously In High-Performing Advertising
  • It Is Quicker To Gauge The Success Of Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • You Can Quickly Gather Performance Data And Make Changes Digitally
  • You Don’t Have A Mountain Of Paperwork With Online Digital Campaigns
  • Can Include Social Media, AdWords, Video, And A Blog In One Campaign
  • Access To Email Marketing And Advertising Software To Track Performance
  • Your Advertising Connects With Those Searching For Products Or Services
  • You Have A Global Network Of Consumers That Allow You To Diversify Your Brand
  • Digital Advertising Like Email And Social Media Campaigns Are Leading Techniques
  • Google AdWords And Google Analytics Help Analyze And Manage Each Campaign
  • Businesses Can Target And Share Digital Advertising Quickly To Boost Sales

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I can’t recommend Frogman highly enough. As a company that had just appeared on Shark Tank, we were inundated with offers for similar services, and many made the mistake of trying to overcharge us because of their assumptions about our situation. Not Frogman. Sabrena came in with a detailed and reasonably priced plan for taking over our social media presence, and entrusting her with our business is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Sabrena and her team are professional and responsive with our customers, and we’ve grown to trust their voice as our own. They are also very strategic and research-driven in how they spend your ad dollars, and hold themselves accountable with detailed reports on their performance. We look forward to growing our business alongside Frogman for many years to come.

Brian S.

Owner , The Comfy