Do You Know How To Best Persuade Consumers? Using AIDA For Content Creation

Writing is a science since it is up to the creator to come up with the right formula to reach consumers and relay company messaging. Writers often use AIDA in persuasive copy as it has ROI potential when content creators apply it strategically to consumer buying cycles.

Have You Used AIDA As A Content Creation And Marketing Strategy?

AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Content creators use this formula with consumers during a marketing funnel to get results because of their buying cycle practices.

  • Awareness

One of the most critical components of content creation is product or service awareness. The consumer has landed on your website because of a direct and immediate need. That does not mean they already know what or how your business can help. Your content must focus on the relationship between your product or service solution and their needs.

The job of your content creator is to help consumers understand how a business product or service solves their issues which is why blogs, infographics, CTA’s, news feeds, webinars, podcasts, or direct social media engagement helps relay such messaging.

  • Interest

If your content persuasion has gained a consumer’s notice to your website or blog, your next step is to gauge their interest. One of the best ROI marketing strategies is an email upsell campaign. If you have done your homework, you know that a bold CTA and a freebie will gain you the information you need to promote consumer interest.

Writing goes far beyond blogging, so you will need to either gain insight into web content SEO, social media platforms, email marketing, newsletters, videos, and imagery. Now you need to take their interest and promote a desire for your product or service. Do consumers know how your company product or service differs from your competitors?

  • Desire

About nine out of ten consumers visit a website before visiting a local shop, so you know that a desire for your product and service already exists. It is the way you represent your company, from the website aesthetics to the play on imagery and words that matter and makes a difference to your consumers. It takes a half of a second for them to look at your website and know if they want to stay. Every decision you make defines desire.

You must build on consumer desires by giving them a visually appealing reason to click on your CTAs, follow your lead to landing pages that promote sales, and consider your company’s content an industry authority since consistency solves consumer problems. A way to establish their desire is through access to white papers, product and service information booklets, or how-to videos. When consumers understand your business model, it elevates their desire and loyalty because they trust the content you produce.

  • Action

You have offered your website visitors an outstanding CTA offer, right? If not, you may not have created a good enough reason for them to act which matters as it dictates sales and return visits. From investing in content creation to micro-influences on social media, you need to make sure you create the right marketing campaign to get your consumers to act. A persuasive argument in your website copy will bring about a buyer’s actions.

If you have not used AIDA yet, you should as it is an effective way to create content and market to consumers. When you follow AIDA, it also creates a roadmap using persuasion to push consumer education initiatives and sales. Need more advice? Contact us here.