Everything You Need To Know About Digital Advertising

Global digital advertising reached an estimated 204 billion last year, and it is on track by 2021 to exceed 330 billion USD. Google advertising revenue also exceeded 35 billion in the U.S last year making it one of the most accessible ways for businesses to market online.

Digital advertising is a marketing strategy that enables your business to find new consumers for your product or services through traditional and nontraditional channels. The scope of a digital advertisement may include the use of social media marketing, SEO, MMS and SMS cell phones, and other forms of digital media. Here are a few benefits of digital advertising.

  1. Offers Real-Time Tracking Availability

Digital advertising enables your business to track which ad campaigns have the most successful ROI and which ones need adjustment. You can also monitor keyword strategy, traffic, and conversion rates which enables you to pinpoint which marketing campaigns work the best.

  1. One Of The Most Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise

Advertising can get a bit pricey when it comes to specific marketing strategies. Online, however, it is affordable and much more driven toward your ideal demographics. With as little as a few dollars, you can invest in digital ads across several social media platforms. Search engine PPC advertising is even free until your ad receives clicks which means that you can use this type of marketing strategy to directly focus on traffic and sales conversion. It is where experience matters the most as each advertising strategy has pros and cons that you should be aware.

  1. Enhancement Of Lead Times

Digital ads get launched immediately online across a wide range of platforms. You do not have to deal with a lot of different contractors digitally which means that your ad goes live as soon as you are ready. It improves lead times dramatically because of the type of labor that goes into digital advertising campaigns.

  1. Digital Media Is Budget-Friendly

Budget is always an issue when it comes to marketing strategies. Digitally, however, you have more freedom to begin, change, and stop ads based on how well they are doing. For Adwords and Facebook advertising, you can also add money when you want to expand a campaign.

  1. Creates An Even Playing Field

There is a lot of business competition online which is why marketers continually try to create an even playing field. Digital advertising helps you fight for business based on strategy and not through dominance in the advertising hemisphere. Online digital advertising also reaches a global market which means you can use technology to narrow down the scope of your ideal consumer base.

Hiring an expert who understands consumer behaviors and digital advertising enables your company to engage in marketing campaigns including Google Adwords, Google Pay-per-click, and re-targeting of ad campaigns. Frogman Media Group analyzes downloads, tweets, and likes and then quantifies their value based on your business needs. Contact us for more information so that we can provide you with additional ways your business can benefit from digital advertising.