Facebook Ads—Which Ad Objective Will Benefit Your Business?

Facebook is a powerful advertising tool with a massive international audience that’s in the habit of clicking and engaging with what they see on the platform. Start advertising on Facebook now by choosing an objective, or goal, for your ads.


Choosing Facebook Ads by Objective


Focusing on a specific objective allows you to plan your ads in a results-oriented way that boosts your ROI. Facebook offers ads for the following objectives:


App Installs:

If you’re selling a mobile app or offer a mobile app as part of your services, this is the ideal ad objective for you. Boost downloads and user app engagement through specific ad targeting.


Brand Awareness:

Let Facebook’s user analysis system put your ad in front of the people most likely to respond in order to boost brand awareness in a targeted rather than general way. This is a good choice for businesses looking to attract loyal customers.



Generate more conversion activity by defining a specific action you’d like to encourage. If you’re looking to improve a specific area of your business’ marketing performance, such as repeat visits to your website or social sharing of content, you can choose this ad type.



Turn posts from your business’ Facebook page into ads to increase engagement with those posts. This is a particularly good option for businesses building their follower base and those planning events. The Page Post Engagement objective allows for direct liking, commenting and event attendance responses through the ad.


Lead Generation:

Get lead contact info from interested consumers and offer something free in return, like an ebook or recipe. The lead card in these ads autofills with information already stored in Facebook’s platform.



Target potential customers nearby customers with a call to action and encourage in-person store visits. This is an ideal objective for brick and mortar stores with a single location and minimal online shopping options.


Store Visits:

This objective is like the Reach objective, only for stores that have multiple different locations. This allows you to zero in on those customers who are near a specific store. You need to have locations enabled on your business page to work with this objective.



The traffic objective boosts visitors to linked portions of your website. Link to specific products, blog posts explaining how to use a product or to pages you expect have great viral potential and contain revenue-generating ads.


Video Views:

As the name implies, this type of ad is designed to get viewers to watch a video. That video is typically embedded in the ad, so you’ll want to have video ad content on hand when you opt for this objective.


Focusing on a specific objective through Facebook’s ad platform gives your campaign structure and purpose before you even start getting into the nitty gritty details. If you still aren’t quite sure how to plan and target your ads even after you’ve chosen your objective, our social media experts can help.




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