Finding a PR team

A public relations campaign is more than just putting out a press release and doing a few appearances. It’s all part of the machine that keeps you and your brand front and center for as long as possible. From that first burst of information that puts you on the map to the series of pieces that keep you there, it all works together to cement you, your product, your name and your goals in the minds of people who you hope will keep coming back the next time you have a big announcement. Here are some tips for making that campaign work.

Who Is Your Audience?

You probably already know the demographic you appeal to because you’ve been working hard to get them on board in the first place. When you’re launching your campaign, you need to know two things about the audience, namely: 1) who your existing audience is and 2) who you want to pull into your brand’s circle. Who do you want to engage more? Who do you think you’ll appeal to but haven’t had success reaching yet? Tell your team and work out a goal.

What Time is It?

You need to know how long the campaign is going for, which also helps determine the timing of events, the timing of social media posting, the time of advertising – all of it. Your brand needs to appear in certain places for the right amount of time to make it more viable, interesting, and to appear as something people want to engage with.

What Are Your Goals?

Are you looking to get more social media followers? Are you promoting a specific product? Are you promoting some new, big change for your brand? Announcing a collaboration? You need to know if your campaign is just the repetition of a big announcement or if it’s something more involved. The more people needed to make it happen, the more complicated it is, and knowing your goals like the back of your hand will help you determine how many people you’ll need.

Who Is Your Team?

A good PR team will have people they can assign to all the necessary roles, doing the job of taking as much of this as possible out of your hands. Find out who on the team is planning events, working on advertising, writing content, and even the graphic designer. If you know who is doing the work, you’ll now know who your brand is in the hands of. Your team will also help you track progress and goals, keeping you informed of your campaign’s success.


People will often tell you that “you are your brand,” which might be true in many cases. What people often forget, however, is that your team helps determine how that brand is viewed and perceived wherever the word is spread. The key to your success is finding a PR team that not only knows who you are but knows how you want your brand to evolve in every space.