Five Ways Executives Can Empower Employees To Collaborate In The Workplace

Did you know that inefficient business processes cost you up to thirty percent of your revenue because of the lack of collaboration between departments? Because of the multi-level structure of most companies, employees are overloaded with information, yet it is not cohesively aligned with company policy and procedure which makes inter-departmental communication less productive. If you want to boost collaboration in the workplace, here are five ways to do it.

1. Redefine Your Policy And Procedure To Include Collaborate Ideas

As a manager or executive, it is vital that you take the time to observe the workplace to find ways to improve business processes, productivity, or sources of revenue. By doing so, you open up a dialogue with workers who know their department procedures the best. Ask questions, seek advice on ways to improve a department, and ask teams to partner together to offer definitive policy and procedural input. You can then take those ideas back and compare them to balance sheets, revenue losses, or sales to find ways to augment revenue and growth because of a collaborative approach to teamwork.

2. Encourage A Responsibility-Driven Workplace

A responsibility-driven workplace allows each employee to feel a part of a more substantial workplace infrastructure. When employees know what their jobs are, when their duties are due, and how it affects the overall project objective, there is an acknowledgment of personal responsibility toward each objective outcome. You should also take the time to acknowledge their contributions, so each person feels fruitful.

3. Support Transparency

If you are an executive who is unsure of what occurs in each department, your employees probably are unaware as well which is why you should support a transparent workplace. Not only will it boost productivity, but you will see a direct bump in revenue because of the company-wide focus on improving business processes.  It also allows managers to take a step back and listen to workers who have ideas on how to progress in the office.

4. Boost Interdepartmental Teamwork For Workplace Barriers

No one team is responsible for a company’s success or failure, so you need to take the same approach to teamwork to get past workplace barriers that challenge workers. Most especially if you are a C-level executive, you need to be mindful of listening to advice on the benefits of doing business processes differently. Most companies go after new talent aggressively, so pay attention when they recommend innovative ways to improve tasks.

5. Set In Place A Monitoring System For Constructive Criticism

Your job is not done once you adopt a new business process strategy. You need to monitor the changes within the workplace as well as with clients or customers to see if it enhances workflow or leads to more challenges. You also have an opportunity to see which teams are excelling and which ones need development.  If you find you need to implement new changes, you can start again with collaborative brainstorming again.

At Frogman Media Group, we collaborate with businesses every day to meet project goals. Not only does it allow us to share our ideas, but collaboration contributes to a successful outcome.