Frogman Brings You Not Just Numbers, But Engagement

Frogman Brings You Not Just Numbers, But Engagement

Influence is all about numbers – at least at first. It isn’t as simple as finding yourself a group of willing followers, most of whom need you to spend the time to follow all of them back. You need a constant stream of high-quality content so that your followers not only stick around but engage with you. It’s an extension of the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad press.” If people are paying attention, then an influencer is doing their job.

Organic Engagement Comes from Quality Content
Making Frogman Media Group a part of your team means access to all of the tools you need to turn those follower numbers into likes, retweets, comments, and anything else that keeps people talking about you. Since sometimes you won’t have the time to engage – or perhaps don’t have the “spark” that day – Frogman Media Group can put that precious content together for you, anywhere you need people to see it:

  • Facebook posts using custom artwork and your logo
  • Twitter content, as well as keeping an eye on the incoming messages and comments
  • Instagram content, including a certain amount of posts each week to keep your story being told
  • Pinterest and LinkedIn are also supported

From Short-Form to Long-Form

Keeping followers is about regular content creation, as well as organic engagement, but both of these typically come in short, digestible bursts on platforms built to present a never-ending feed. If you want engagement that feels to your audience like they’re in on all the behind-the-scenes action – making them part of the inner circle – Frogman Media Group also concentrates on long-form content creation:

  • Newsletter creations straight to the inbox of your “inner circle,” which include custom HTML templates.
  • Blogs that position your content using SEO to maximize traffic and engagement. Posts on your blog help to expand on short-form content and also to provide more of that “inner circle” magic, and are easier to discover for potential followers, especially with SEO

Extend Your Brand with Graphics

Frogman’s graphic arts team can create cover art, logos, and packaging – all of the things that help solidify your brand visually. Whether you’re selling your personality, your expertise, or your line of products, Frogman is uniquely positioned to not only make it all stand out, but make sure that it all stands together, unified under your brand.

Engagement is All About You

At the end of the day, finding and keeping an audience organically is all about you. People show up for you, and they want to hear what you have to say. Keeping up with the pace and demands of having your audience, though, is easier with a team like Frogman Media Group. Covering all aspects of content creation and brand unity, they not only keep your presence alive, but they free you up to bring yourself to the table. The freer you are to create content, the easier it will be for people to find you and come along for the ride.