How Accurate are Your Social Media and Website Claims?

Do you promise to over-deliver and then fall short when it comes to your customers’ expectations? Are your claims genuine or overly salesy in nature? How well do people respond to your content? Is it driving traffic to your website, encouraging discussion or being shared?

It’s All About the Language You Use

It’s not enough to have an excellent product or service to offer to the public. It’s all about your approach and the language that you choose to promote what you offer. You see, there are plenty of businesses who claim this and that but when it comes time for the products or services to do what they’re said to be able to do, they don’t.

People Hate When Companies Come Across as Too Salesy

How your company presents itself in person and online makes a world of difference to today’s consumer. They’ve had enough of the abrasive sales tactics of the past. They’re looking for products and services that add demonstrated value to their lives.

Use Content to Show Them How Great Your Products and Services Are

They don’t want to be told how good things are. They want to be shown how great they are! With so many companies vying for a customer’s attention, men and women want to know what sets yours apart.

Create a Subtle but Influential Call to Action

A call to action is necessary because it tells the customer what you expect them to do. It gives them a guideline to follow. That’s why explaining why it’s urgent for them to buy your products and services TODAY is necessary.

It may be because of a promotion or discount you’re offering. It may be due to shipping timelines because of an upcoming holiday. It may be due to the nature of the product or service which loses its appeal at different times throughout the year.

The point is to express why it’s important to stay and make the purchase today without hounding them or making them feel guilty. The right language convinces the customer that it was their idea to buy your products and services. It eases their concerns and makes them confident in their purchasing decision.

It’s More Than Getting the Search Engines to Recognize Your Content

The language that you choose to use in your social media posts and blog posts is very important. Writing just for the search engines won’t work, either. The content that you provide can add value to your customers’ lives or turn them off and force them to do business with someone else.

Help Them Believe in Your Brand

Website traffic doesn’t matter if it isn’t making you sales. You want to turn visitors into believers in your brand. You want the language that you use to relay a sense of urgency in buying what you’re selling but only because it will make your customers’ lives better.

Creating accurate claims and following through on promises are surefire ways to build a brand that stands out. When coming up with a marketing strategy for your company, think about the different ways you can connect with your audience. Then, use the right words to sell them on the idea that you’re better than your competition.


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