How Giving Free Advice Boosts Brand Awareness

Working for free goes against just about every survival instinct a small business owner has, but when it comes to promoting your brand online, offering some free information in your area of expertise can be extremely effective.

Digital Realities

You’ve worked hard to gain your professional expertise, and chances are you’ve invested some money in education or experience that helped get you to where you are today. Sharing that expertise for free feels wrong, and with good reason. Any significant work you perform for a client should be paid, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer some of your knowledge for free. It’s a paradox, but if you’re willing to share useful information at no cost, you’ll provide a new avenue of discovery for anyone who’s interested in your area of expertise.

If you offer up information for free, you’ll be in good company. The digital space offers a plethora of information, opportunity and options, and between reputable news sources and free resources like Wikipedia and .edu sites, there’s basically no question you can’t answer for free online. The average person searching for answers online isn’t prepared to pay for the privilege of getting the information they want, so when it comes to the average person entering keywords into a search engine, you’re not exactly dealing with someone who’s on the cusp of becoming a paying customer.

In fact, by offering some information for free, you’re capturing an audience of potential customers who may not even know they’re in the market for your services. You’re offering information and providing a glimpse into your wider base of knowledge. And in being smart about providing free content, you’re attracting the attention of people with a demonstrated interest in your profession.

Determining the Right Strategy

Strategy is key when it comes to providing free information online. You’ll want to make sure everything you offer, whether it’s a blog post, how-to video, step-by-step tutorial listicle or an ebook, is optimized based on search terms that correlate closely with your professional area of influence. If your company manufactures jewelry, for example, you won’t want to provide a free ebook on foolproof blackjack betting techniques. The aim of providing free information is to promote your brand and draw attention to your online presence with the ultimate goal of bringing new clients or customers into the fold, so write, film or photograph subjects that relate to goods or services you provide and use SEO keywords to describe your ebooks or tutorials.

When you do this, you provide an open door for people who aren’t yet looking to hire a professional but may decide that you can help them out after seeing your professional skills and knowledge in action. Putting everything you know and everything you can do behind a paywall keeps your brand closed off and less accessible. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but providing some information for free can actually enhance your online presence and bring in a lot of positive returns.