How Much Time Should A Business Spend Blogging?

On average, a small business will spend about twenty hours blogging. That said, nearly 50% report spending less than five hours a week. You will probably not be surprised to learn that nearly 70% report no income from it. The devil is in the details, though, as 22% report making less than 10,000 while more than a half percent made over a million. The research for 2018, if nothing else, offers a snapshot of the realities of blogging. You must put the time in to get its rewards. If you want to push sales, you must design an SEO friendly blog to reach consumers.

Define Your Niche’s Keywords

One of the most overlooked issues with blogging is that words rarely matter unless you use the same language as those searching for your services. If you are a new business, it might be problematic if you lack the resources to invest in keyword strategies fully. Until you establish a budget, use free sites like Google Keyword Tool to find popular SEO.

Example: Let’s Use The Blogging Topic As A Keyword Finger.

  • Blogging
  • Blogging Sites
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blogging For Money
  • Blogging Definition
  • Blogging Jobs
  • Blogging As A Career
  • Blogging About Life
  • A Blogging Company

You get the point, so I will not bore you with the entire list. Once you begin to make more revenue, you can upgrade to their premium package and find the keywords that have the most value which makes it a highly successful way to use the language as your target audience.

Use The Free Hashtag Generator

Another free tool is All Hashtag which gives you a list of top trending, random, and live hashtags. Top trending hashtags for businesses and marketing bloggers include:

  • #blogging
  • #bloggingmadesimple
  • #BloggingStrategy
  • #BloggingSEO
  • #bloggingplatform
  • #BloggingEssential

If you want to find out what is the top hashtag at the moment, try clicking on the live button.

  • #Blogging
  • #FashionBlogger
  • #blogger

Just for laughs to get you through the monotonous day at work, click on the random button. Sometimes they are funny, but then again, sometimes they just might do the trick to give you a few marketing friendly hashtags worth investing your time. Likely candidates include:

  • #bloggingtips
  • #BloggingInProgress
  • #BloggingPro
  • #BloggingDay
  • #BloggingSecrets
  • #BloggingGoals

Do A Search Once A Month

Time is critical for businesses without the large budgets that afford full marketing teams dedicated to SEO and blogging. For the smaller business owner, there has to be a system in place where you use sites like this to find your niche’s SEO and hashtags as a scheduled plan. It took less than five minutes to find these references which will enrich blogging in this article and in future ones. Make a list of your searches and use them randomly during articles as they apply.

So, how much time you spend on your blog depends solely on the time you have. The more you dedicate, though, the higher the probability you will convert it to revenue. If you need help, it is always a smart idea to work with a blogging company like Frogman Media Group who has the time and dedicated staff to perform these duties for you as well as write SEO friendly articles.

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