How Social Media Can Boost Your Business and Drive Traffic to Your Website

In today’s tech-savvy world, it’s no surprise that branching out and experimenting with the many different social media platforms that are available can have a large impact on your business and the traffic you drive to your website. While there are dozens of options to choose from, from the popular sites like Twitter and Instagram to more obscure, niche focused sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, it can be difficult to decide how much tie you should dedicate to each site – or if you should dedicate any at all – without knowing the true benefits that social media brings. From boosting your branding to helping you engage and interact with clients, social media can be one of your greatest business tools, and here are four reasons why. 

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social media is a great way to share your content with multiple audiences across different platforms while also incorporating basic SEO techniques, which will be discussed thoroughly later. By sharing your content – whether it be a blog post or a product – to social media, you will open up opportunities to gain exposure from potential clients that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. While not everyone may be familiar with your business and its page, more often than not, they’ll be familiar with at least one social media platform. By sharing your content there, you have the chance to drive traffic – and a potential new client – to your website.

Help Interact with Clients

Customer interaction and service is one of the most important factors of a business. Your level of customer service can either be beneficial or detrimental to your business’ success, which is why social media is so helpful. One of the absolute best ways to handle feedback, host giveaways, or even just have general, positive interactions with your clients is through social media. You can see the popular tags and see what is trending; you can reply and like posts where your business is mentioned, or you can even host an activity – a giveaway, a poll, or even just a question – that gets your clients involved.

Boost Your Branding

By having multiple official accounts represent your business that are both regularly active – try posting once or twice a day! – and professional, you will help establish a clear, positive branding for your business. When you post good, relevant content, interact and engage with others, and stay up to date on current trends, people – such as potential clients – will take notice. 

Better SEO Practices

Just because 2019 is almost over doesn’t mean that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is no longer relevant. In fact, 2020 and the coming decade have already been predicated to be the years of digital business. This means that by starting early and learning key SEO practices now can be extremely beneficial. One of the easiest techniques you can incorporate is lining your business’ website to other social media platforms, which, at the same time, will also boost your branding while driving traffic to your website. 

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