How to Create, Build, and Maintain a Social Media Viewership

Having a voice in the world of social media is, in today’s world, a must for a business of any size. However, some small businesses, in particular, find that it is difficult to build a large online audience that will see and interact with their pages on a regular basis. This is particularly challenging because few small business owners have the time or the funds to go on long and intricate campaigns in order to promote their businesses. So what can you do as a business owner to put yourself out there and get diehard fans? Below are a few ideas.


Link Social Media Accounts to Your Website


One of the first ways to increase traffic is to promote your social media accounts on your website, and vice versa. This means that if anyone visits your webpage, they will likely be inclined to visit your social media accounts–and then follow them–when they see them presented in your website’s sidebar or footer. Conversely, those who visit your social media pages will find it easy to navigate their way to your website if you provide a link to it there.


Link Social Media Accounts to One Another


In the same line of thought, linking social media accounts to one another is never a bad idea. When social media accounts have links to one another, any fan you make on one platform will likely begin to follow you on all of the rest. This means more exposure and possibly more sharing of your content between online friends.


Promote Your Social Media Accounts in Your Place of Business


Putting noticeable signs in conspicuous locations throughout your place of business promoting your online pages is a great way to build an online viewership as well. When customers come to your building and enjoy their experience there, they will likely be interested in learning more about who you are and what you do. Once they have found your business on social media, they will then be compelled to come back as returning or regular customers, particularly if you feature deals and/or new inventory on your page.


Make Your Profile Attractive and Keep It Updated Regularly


Another important way to make and keep audiences is to make sure that your social media accounts are kept looking beautiful, with attractive photos and well written content. Furthermore, it is important to keep your social media pages regularly updated with intriguing posts. This will keep followers from losing interest in you.


Post Interesting Links and Visual Content


Putting links to interesting articles, videos, and other things from across the internet can make your social media account more interesting to be a fan of as well. Audiences will appreciate a steady flow of fun, exciting, high quality material–something often lacking on the social media accounts of others.


Encourage Others to Contact You Through Your Social Media Pages


Encourage your audience to interact with your page by making it apparent that you do not mind–and actually even enjoy–replying to their comments, fielding their questions, and addressing their concerns. This means that when fans comment on original content or links that you post, take a few minutes every now and then to reply to them and make them feel like you really care. Perhaps even consider hosting a group chat or group message where customers can talk to each other and to you, the head of your business, in real time. Furthermore, tell customers or clients whom you meet in real life to feel free to contact you through your social media accounts.


Use Paid Advertisements


Paid advertisements are one more way to bring in potential viewers. However, these can be somewhat costly and, as was mentioned before, many small businesses–and even larger businesses–run on a tight budget. Additionally, paid advertisement campaigns can sometimes flop if you are not able to market yourself to the right audiences or implement the right strategy. Do not rule this method out–in some instances it is certainly very effective and worth the money. Just remember to exercise caution.


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