How to Find Effective Blog Topics

We know that blogs are an essential tool for the modern business, but what should you write about? There are a few smart ways to pick a blog topic, and you can mix and match these approaches to build the ideal business blog.


Look at Industry Trends, Current Events and News Stories


We’re not suggesting that you start writing about politics and other topics that aren’t relevant to your business. Rather, it’s a good idea to look at what’s going on in your industry to gain inspiration for what you want to say. It can also be helpful to identify news stories that relate to problems that you can solve. Having a topical way to brag about yourself and your abilities a little bit goes over better than simply tooting your own horn and making a blog post about how good you are at your job.


For example, if your company makes a shopping list app and there’s a trending news story about a new study revealing that 75% of grocery shoppers forget at least one important item, you can write a blog that links a news story, discusses the frustration of forgetting what you need at the store and offers your app as a solution.


Choose Something Simple But Worth Talking About


Continuing with this hypothetical grocery store example, chances are that if you have a shopping list app, you have some thoughts about forgetting lost items. But do you have enough to make a blog of sufficient length? Blog posts should be long enough to rank well with search engines and actually make a valid argument, but they shouldn’t be so long that your audience gets bored and clicks away before finishing. This means that you should choose a topic that is thought provoking but not super complex. Chances are that you can’t cover the entire history of grocery shopping in a 400-700 word blog, but you can talk about the way your app is revolutionizing an activity humans have been doing for centuries.


Think About What Makes Your Business Special


You don’t always need a roundabout way to brag about your business on your blog. Sometimes, these posts can be an effective way to point out the benefits you offer to clients. This is a particularly good idea if you have a new product to share or you’re rolling out some other sort of improvement. For example, a title like “ShopApp’s New Version Makes Grocery Shopping Even Easier” can be an engaging way of introducing new shopping list app features without simply making a list. If you’ve won an award or gained recognition in some other way, that should definitely be part of your blog too. From niche customer bases (“Firefighters Love Using ShopApp to Make Grocery Lists for the Whole Station”) to new product offerings, your blog can be a bulletin board for everything that helps you stand out from the crowd.


Crafting well-written blog posts with valuable information that engages the audience and resonates with customers isn’t easy, but it pays off in the long run. Honing your writing skills can be a good thing in general—having the ability to create well-written messages to clients can make marketing efforts run a lot more smoothly.

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