Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words on Social Media?

Do images carry the same weight as words, or more in some cases? The answer is “Yes, they do.” When done correctly, visual branding can be every bit as powerful as content marketing. A fun or interesting photo, when shot in natural light, tells a story without words. It’s an effective way to let people know what you’re up to especially if you are your own brand.

Visual Personal Branding Examples are Everywhere

It doesn’t take much to research visual personal branding because examples of it are all around you. Look at Instagram and websites for inspiration. Decide which photos stand out and which make you turn away quickly. What do you find appealing about one set of photos and appalling about another?

Do you think you “know” a person after seeing their personal branding visually? What words come to mind to describe it? Is it revolutionary, edgy, calming, trendy, inspiring or in-your-face?

How does the personal branding tie into what they’re selling? If it is a product or service, can you tell that it’s even being advertised? How are other people responding to the visual messaging?

The smallest details such as composition, color, and shadow help create the overall look of a photo and therefore help shape a person’s perception about the brand. There are many ways to sell your ideas. Visual personal branding is just one option that works well.

Evoke Emotions and Convey Moods with the Photos You Use

With the right images and text, you’re a virtual powerhouse. If you haven’t considered how both play into your overall branding, now is the time to do so. You’ll be surprised at just how successful you are in evoking emotions and conveying moods through the lens of your camera.

The first photos you take are likely not going to be your best so go ahead and shoot many. It’s what professional photographers do and what Instagram powerhouse Jenna Kutcher recommends. You’ll have more images to choose from that way and won’t be forced to reshoot to get the photos that you need most for your posts.

Sharing these images with your content manager strengths the quality of the branding that is taking place online. Not only do people get to know you as a person, they understand what you stand for, what you align with, and what types of approaches you take in your personal and professional lives.

Let Us Help Tell Your Unique Story Poignantly and Effectively

Tell your own unique story the way you know how. With Frogman Media Group, you can make sure that it’s getting read by the people you want to appeal to most personally and professionally. Choosing a marketing package that meets your needs allows you to focus on the day-to-day operations of brand YOU. We focus on the areas of your business that need promotion such as your blog and social media accounts. It allows you to shine without requiring you to do extra work.

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