Is an Inadequate Web Presence Harming Your Business?

The rise of digital media has completely changed the way businesses operate. Failing to take advantage of the various opportunities presented by this changing landscape could be doing your business more harm than you realize.


Follow the Money


If you’re hesitant to set up social media accounts for your business or expand your company’s webpage beyond a simple landing welcome screen with your contact information, you could be missing out on valuable exposure to prospective customers or clients. An online presence is no longer a gamble or a waste of time; it’s a necessity. After all, that’s where the money is.

It’s no coincidence that almost all of the companies bearing down on the record-setting trillion-dollar valuation threshold are in tech. While not every business needs to be making their own apps or phones and striving to achieve what Google and Apple have achieved, taking yourself out of the digital game entirely or only halfheartedly trying to keep up isn’t a very effective strategy for success.


The Basics: What You Need and Why


Many business owners know they need to strengthen their online presence, but aren’t sure what they need to do and what’s best for their needs. Here are some of the basic tools you can use to boost reach and exposure online.


An Informative Website


At minimum, businesses should have a dedicated website with an easy to find address. Your website should be designed well and include high-quality copy that describes the products or services you offer in enough detail to bring in new customers or clients. Provide contact information, hours of operation and other essential information so people can find you and give you business.


A Blog


Your website should also include a blog. No, we’re not talking about a personal diary where you talk about your own life. Instead, you should have some posts up that talk about your industry, describe your services, suggest different uses for your products or inspire your customers. Your business blog can actually be an important marketing and SEO tool, leading to growth and more income.


Social Media Accounts


Step one for building an online social media presence for your business is to set up one of Facebook’s basic business profile pages. These pages are essentially just little snapshots of basic information about who you are, what you do, where you’re located and how anyone who’s interested can get in touch. You can take things a step further with more interactive social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. You don’t need to update every day—even major businesses often use their social accounts only a few times a week, and that’s often with dedicated staff overseeing these accounts. Simply having a presence, making effective posts and engaging with your audience directly can boost your visibility and bring in more customers or clients.


If this all seems like more than you can handle with your current workload, a skilled professional social media and content marketing firm like Frogman Media Group can help you establish an effective presence without distracting you from the other essential functions of operating a successful business.

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