Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Does your website look dated or contain copy that is no longer relevant? Are you not pleased with the amount of traffic you receive monthly? Are you unable to convert visitors into customers easily? If the answer is “Yes,” it’s time to consider rebranding your business.

Companies of all sizes change frequently. To keep up with the times, many rebrand themselves to remain competitive. They do a complete overhaul of their logo, website, content, social media accounts, and packaging. Doing so makes it easier for them to stand out while remaining a company that their previous customers want to continue to do business with in the future.

Signs You Need to Rebrand Your Business

So, how do you know it’s time for a change? The writing isn’t always on the wall. Learning to look for issues with your current branding helps you identify potential improvements you can make right away. To assist you with rebranding, we’ve included a list of things for you to consider in the context of your business and its sales performance.

You know it’s time to rebrand your business when:

  • Your branding is dated and no longer fits the image you’re trying to portray. Even the most iconic companies in the world have rebranded themselves. Take Coca-Cola, for example. Its logo has gone through many changes throughout the years. The company’s products are referred to as Coke or Diet Coke more often than they are called Coca-Cola. When your logo and website look like they’re decades old, it can be challenging to sell to new customers. Being able to communicate longevity while also promoting trending products is a challenge that you’ll want to be up for as a business.
  • You have a new line of products that you want to introduce to the public. Rebranding makes sense. It’s how you win over a new generation of followers and customers. It allows you to improve your self-image by being cooler, trendier, and more relevant to the people who could benefit from the inclusion of your products and services in their lives. New products appeal to existing customers as well as the ones that you’ve attracted to your brand recently.
  • You’ve got another brand that you want to promote along with your original brand. You’re merging brands because it makes sense to do so. In the past, you kept them separate, but now they belong together. You must do something memorable, so the public knows that you’re one company with many brands and products. You’ll be able to sell more products to the customer if they see that you have multiple brands under one company.
  • You want to recover from a bankruptcy you filed. Your company needs a fresh start. Now that you’re not financially indebted to people the way that you were in the past, you want a clean break from the branding you once used. That way, people want to get to know your company as it is today instead of relying on a dated image of it from the past. Step away from the former issues that your company had and come back stronger with new branding.

The list above is just a sample of reasons why a business may want to rebrand itself. If you find any of the suggestions relatable, it could be the most opportune time to do something new. The longevity of your brand depends largely on your ability to adapt to changing times. If you’re unable to do so, you may be left behind like so many brands of the past that couldn’t evolve at a rapid pace.

The business world is fiercely competitive. To stay in the forefronts of people’s minds, you’ve got to pull out all stops and be willing to do what it takes to be valuable to your customers. You must understand their needs and how they evolve. That way, you’re able to grow with them and not be left behind when circumstances change.

Ways to Rebrand Your Business

There are many ways to rebrand your business to make it appear new and fresh. An idea to think about is giving your website a complete overhaul. Doing so allows you to add new products, freshen up your photography, and even use new colors that play into your brand better. The copy that you have written for the site can be far more action-oriented, too, driving visitors to request more information or take advantage of an opportunity while they have the chance.

Your social media accounts can be updated, too, without losing the following that you’ve carefully crafted for yourself. Keeping branding consistent allows people to know that it’s your products and services with a glance. You don’t need to push a hard sale that way. Your customers know what you have to offer brings value to their lives, which is why they’ve committed to being long-term customers of yours.

As times change, even more, you’ll be aware of how much your branding plays a role in how visible your company is online. You can use it to introduce new generations of customers to pre-existing brands. It’s also a great way to show your long-term customers how willing you are to change things up. It’s how you remain competitive in today’s business world.

Frogman Media Group is Your Rebranding Specialist

Rebrand your business like a pro with the help of Frogman Media Group. We offer viable solutions to meet your needs. Getting a fresh start can catapult your business to success in ways that you weren’t able to explore before. Thanks to our content creation and social media management services, connecting with your ideal customer, has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Contact us today to get started with the rebranding process. We work with you to create the type of image that you want to portray to the public. An account specialist will be more than happy to discuss the many ways to rebrand your website. Together, we can come up with branding that feels authentic, meaningful, and special.


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