Is Your Instagram Account Getting the Attention You Hoped It Would?

When it comes to social media accounts, not everyone’s a natural at running theirs. If you’ve found your Instagram account isn’t contributing to your personal branding goals, it’s time to find out why. It could very well be due to the type of content you’re posting or the lack of consistency or frequency of your posts.

How is the Health of Your Current Instagram Account?

Evaluating the health of your Instagram account has its advantages. It allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can come up with a better branding strategy going forward. After all, the idea behind having an account in the first place was to generate interest in you and your brand.

Measuring the impact you have on IG is easy with the right social media management company by your side. You’re not left navigating unfamiliar territory on your own. You’ve got a team of skilled professionals to assist you with the process.

Measuring Metrics and Seeing What the Competition is Up to

One of the easiest ways to know the visibility of your profile is to account for its metrics. How many likes, shares, comments, and saves do your posts have? What about the competition? Are they getting more engagement on their posts than you are?

Instagram Insights are available for business accounts and provide valuable information about how the public sees the content you’ve provided. The data collected can then be used to fine-tune the marketing strategy implemented so that you’re able to accomplish the goals you set out to do on social media. It’s something Frogman Media Group helps its customers do daily, and a service we can quickly provide to you.

Choosing the Right Hashtags

Less is more in most cases. If you’ve not done the research to find relevant hashtags to use in your posts, you’re potentially missing out on being discovered by new followers. We follow current trends, so you don’t need to. Adding the right hashtags makes a world of difference in your presentation.

People find your posts but also don’t think you’re trying too hard by throwing in random phrases that have nothing to do with the content presented. We increase your posts’ visibility by helping you choose trending topics to create hashtags around. More people see what you have to offer that way.

Get More Engagement from Your Instagram Posts Right Away

If your Instagram marketing falls short of your expectations, it’s time to get assistance with it. Our social media management services provide you with carefully crafted content created to get results. In addition to telling your story and building connections with your audience, it also shapes your brand.

Through the use of your feed and Instagram Stories feature, we’ll help you get your message across loud and clear. We give you a chance to share your thoughts, creativity, and vision for the future. Through the use of our social media management services, you’re able to gain new customers, strengthen your brand identity, and relate to your audience in new and improved ways.

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