Facebook and IG Ad Manager

We are looking for an individual (no agencies, please) to help set-up Facebook and Instagram campaigns for our clients.  We are a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles and have many clients in different niches, so this particular individual will have to have experience across different industries.

The client budget can range from $500 per month upwards to $5K per month.   We are looking for someone that is knowledgeable at testing and building proper audiences and testing different campaigns out to bring maximum results.  Also able to create creatives for the ads, short videos (using our Canva video-like software), etc.  This is a long-term project, as we would need your assistance on an on-going basis, so please only apply if you are looking for long-term work. The estimated hours to start would be around 10 hours per week.

Most of the clients we would have you start with, are already running campaigns, so for the most part we’d need audits performed at how we can improve current running ads.  Experience building newsletters in Klaviyo and Mailchimp is a plus!  Please email your resume to: 

This a contract position,  Pay: $15-$18