Keep it Real to Connect With Your Customers

There’s an easy but often ignored mistake to make on the road to small business success. If you aren’t remaining authentic and staying true to yourself in your marketing and customer relations efforts, you could be making a big mistake.


Cultivating Your Audience


Standing out online means having a following, and that’s not just about raw follower counts. You want to connect with people who are actually going to use your product or service. These people are your “tribe,” the group that understands what you’re all about and knows that what you have to offer is important. It’s important to focus on connecting with these people, the ones who are most likely to send business your way, than to take a pray-and-spray approach. Though high follower counts can confer some cache, ultimately, follower quality matters more than quantity.


Being authentic—using your real voice, being honest about the challenges that inspired your business, talking about the things that interest you professionally—these are the kinds of messages that will attract your ideal group of followers. Because posting frequently matters, it’ll be hard to keep up a good posting pace if you aren’t actually focusing on the things that matter to you. Keeping it real means focusing on the topics and trends that actually make you think and give you something to say about what you do.


Balancing Business Voice With Authenticity


Of course, the topics and trends that interest you as a professional will likely differ from those that interest you as a private individual. If you’re a jeweler, for example, your social media shouldn’t be clogged with pictures of you at the beach with your friends or links to stories about celebrity gossip—unless, of course, those topics somehow tie in to your business. Failing to maintain a polished business voice is a major social media mistake, and it’s important to avoid conflating authenticity with being too personal or too casual.


You can maintain your true voice by thinking about what you’d want to see as a customer. Do you really care about what the person who tweets for your favorite clothing company thinks about the political news of the day? If your Twitter feed is getting spammed but a bunch of irrelevant nonsense from a brand, chances are you’re going to unfollow and may even decide to stop patronizing that business. Staying true to yourself doesn’t mean oversharing or being unprofessional.


Finding Your Niche


Ultimately, you want to use authenticity as a way of promoting your brand and showing your audience that you understand what matters to them. Authenticity will help you stand out and establish yourself and your business as something unique and worthwhile. It may take some time to determine exactly what your niche is, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re having trouble positioning yourself in the right way, Frogman Media Group has the right expertise to put all those pieces in place for you.

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