LinkedIn for Businesses

The social network for professionals, LinkedIn has been a popular tool for job seekers for years. It allows people to connect with former and current colleagues, join professional groups, post and find industry insights, apply for jobs and follow business leaders from around the world. LinkedIn isn’t just for individuals, though. There are plenty of benefits it can have for a business, as well.


The Benefits

LinkedIn has lots of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It can increase your company’s visibility. Potential customers, clients and employees will be searching for good companies online, and LinkedIn is increasingly becoming one of their most trusted resources for information. While your company website may be a wealth of information, it may not always be easy for searchers to find. If they’re searching for similar companies on LinkedIn, there is a greater chance that they’ll see yours. The site often recommends other companies for users to check out, driving more traffic to your profile and hopefully to your website.


LinkedIn is also great for building your brand. You can post job openings, promote products and services, and give important updates about your company to your followers. You can also establish your company and its executives as experts and industry thought leaders by


It also allows for two-way communication between your business and potential customers, clients and employees. Instead of a traditional website where only you put out information, LinkedIn allows others to interact with company news and updates. They can comment on, like and share posts. Customers can give reviews of your company and its services.


LinkedIn also allows you to recruit. You can use the careers feature to post job openings and connect with potential employees. They can even apply directly through LinkedIn by submitting their profiles and resumes. It also makes it easier for your hiring manager to get a good sense of the job candidates by viewing their personal profiles.


Getting Started

Like any social media network, building a highly visible and wildly successful LinkedIn page will take time. Getting started on one, however, is simple. Plus, creating a company page is free, so there’s no reason not to. All you need to get started is a company email address. There are a few elements you’ll want to include so you can hit the ground running.


In addition to a company name and industry tag, you’ll need a good company description. Don’t use broad language or too much industry jargon. You’re dealing with professionals on LinkedIn who probably know what they’re looking for, so give them a good, accurate description of your business.


Second, be sure to list your products and services. This is an especially good feature for business-to-business companies, since a lot of businesspeople are utilizing LinkedIn. Put your biggest and most important services at the top so that they’re displayed on your home page and easily visible to potential customers.


Ask current employees to connect with and follow your page. That will allow page visitors to see the types of professionals who work for your company. It also boosts your activity and helps improve the page’s visibility.


Lastly, you’ll want to post relevant, engaging content through your profile. You can link back to your website or company blog, or post directly to LinkedIn. The more thoughtful content you put out, the more opportunities for engagement you create.

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