Looking To Grow Your Business? Social Media Strategies That Work

Do you have a social media strategy for your business? Are you experiencing low results in sales leads, conversions, or business growth? With as many as 88% of companies advertising on social media, it is often difficult to differentiate your marketing message from your competitors. If you are looking to grow your business in 2019, here are a few social media strategies that will work.

Engage And Listen To Consumer Wants And Needs

Effective marketing has always been about the message which requires the use of up-to-date data to create. You also need to know which audience is listening and those you want to attract so that your marketing message makes an impression. The only way that you will understand what your followers are thinking is to engage, listen to their compliments, their complaints, and their feedback on consumer wants and needs. It helps you make critical business decisions like product innovation, marketing, and advertising.

You can also use social media tools to gather data, research, insights, consumer buying behaviors, and social media influencers. There are listening tools like Awario and Mention that also allows you to listen to social media chatter or monitor your brand or relevant keywords. You can also generate marketing reports based on the type of data you collect from users’ social media conversations or posts platform-wide. It also allows you to narrow the scope of research to monitor your competition or assess an ad’s ROI.

Boost Your Advertising Voice, Conversion, And CTR With Video

Video is among the best performing content on social media. While 86% of businesses use video for advertising, 70% of them use social media tools to create them. Video is a great way to boost business growth, brand awareness, advertising voice, sales conversions, and click-through-rates. So, take the time to experiment with your favorite social media platform’s video creation tools to give your business a marketing advantage.

Increase Interest In Your Brand’s Identity

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to social media platforms, so you need to be aware of which demographic is using each site, so you know the right message to create interest in your brand’s identity. You should consider each platform as a form of PR in which brand awareness begins the moment you sit down to create a business profile page.

As a marketing strategy, you need to decide which tags, keywords, colors, images, and fonts appeal to each demographic and will gain brand recognition.  What types of products or services do each group research and buy? The more you know about each consumer group, the better off you will be in choosing the right social media platform.

Personalize Your Online Presence

To gain more traction with social media users, you need to personalize your online presence because it builds customer brand loyalty. About 81% of consumers trust recommendations, and fifty percent say they will leave a brand after one negative experience. Boosting your social media presence allows you to take care of customers and enables you to market to those who have negative experiences with your competitors.

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