Micro-Influencer Marketing And Brand Promotion

How many times have you asked others for brand recommendations? It occurs every single day through family and friends. It also occurs online which is why nearly 90% of shoppers visit a website before visiting a store. Consumers are influencers which you should look at it as a marketing asset when engaging in product or service branding and advertising.

How much do you know about micro-influencers? Generally, they are individuals on social media with more than 500 followers who actively endorse a brand by featuring products or services. If you have not invested in micro-influencers, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool that boosts traffic and sales every time a recommendation occurs.

How Do I Select A Micro-Influencer For My Business?

It is vital that you look for micro-influencers that compliment your company’s brand. You also want to find the type of micro-influencers that targets the same type of consumer base as you. Engagement is also a critical element because you want to confirm that the influencer looks at comments and responds accordingly as that will increase the likelihood of sales conversions.

Develop Promotional Material With The Micro-Influencer

Never expect the micro-influencer to develop the marketing and promotional content. You will hire the influencer for the access to his or her followers, so you should take an active role in developing the content, imagery, or promotional material so that you control the message.

You should always take the time to meet with the micro-influencer to offer suggestions, links to essential blog material, or send a free product to review. The more you foster the relationship, the higher the probability of a successful campaign that builds product awareness and growth.

How Much Should I Pay A Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are paid based on the number of subscribers that will see the advertising. Generally, the going rate is between $100 and $500 for a product endorsement post. You should never offer a number up-front as every micro-influencer will have set requirements and costs.

You should request a fee schedule and ask the micro-influencer if you can send a free product for review. If the people are regular endorsers, they will already know the ins-and-outs of the business which will make contractual obligations clear and precise.

If they promote products often, they will already have a set of conditions as well as guidelines that clear up responsibilities. If the person is new to micro-influencing, you can work together to come up with a fair price which should depend on how the product endorsement will occur.

It is fine to offer assistance, but do not overstep your business authority by trying to micro-manage the influencer. You should aim for a natural endorsement as consumers like genuine endorsements. Listen for input and confirm information like landing pages and SEO are correct.

Make sure that influencers use various social media platforms so that you maximize consumer demographic advertising. While Facebook is great for written posts, Instagram is preferable for imagery. Your influencer may also want to make a YouTube video to show how the product works. The more you prepare and take notes, the better your next endorsement will go.

When compared to other advertising campaigns, micro-influencer advertising is cost-efficient. Contact us for more information on micro-influencer and social media management campaigns.

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