Most Influential Summer Social Media Marketing Trends

One of the most difficult things to keep up with is social media marketing as it relates to core marketing strategies. The internet is forever changing and with it comes new technologies and user-friendly applications that give business owners a marketing edge. With over three billion social media users in 2018, new feature launches help businesses thrive. Here are five of the most influential summer social media marketing trends you should be integrating right now.


  1. CRM Chatbots


According to research, 78% of social media users expect a quick response from consumers. Engagement is a vital component since these posts are often linked to negative consumer experiences. A CRM chatbot system is a helpful addition to solving customer issues before they become viral problems that companies could have avoided.


Chatbots have the capacity to outperform personnel when it comes to standard customer queries as they remember previous customer engagement. Chatbots can also connect immediately to human CRM to solve more complex problems. About 50% of customers actually prefer innovative marketplace chatbots like chat, email, or messenger text.


  1. Video Content Is Influential For Buzz-Worthy Shares And Comments


Recent data shows that videos and imagery are 40% of social media shares which makes it a smart marketing content strategy. With the amount of YouTube video subscribers, it is a wonder that video has not more fully infiltrated social media pages sooner.

How popular is video? In a single year, it contributed to 70% of internet traffic. It is also set to reach 80% by the year 2020. Right now, about 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool proving it is the go-to summer marketing tool you should invest more.


  1. The Influential Power Of Marketing Automation


It takes smart decision-making to influence the billions of users away from your competitors. Automation is the future because companies want a competitive edge over other business users. There is an abundance of marketing data available on social media.


Automation will also have the capabilities to mine the data to pinpoint marketing strategies that work. It is a solution for the transfer of data since it is smart technology that absorbs user searches and then promotes advertising that is catered to personal needs.


  1. Mobile Technology Applications


Did you know that the reason why Google changed their 7-Pack to a 3-Pack is that mobile phones were too small to load the information from all seven recommendations? Google made the decision to downgrade simply to make their platform more user-friendly toward 2.5 billion mobile social media users.


Today, the amount of mobile traffic is far outpacing desktop traffic. Some companies have implemented mobile-only applications for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat which caters to different demographics. It is a dynamic way to reach new customers by using CTA buttons that attract mobile-only users.


  1. Paid Social Media Management Services That Enhance User Experience


Social media is all about condensation since there is an abundance of data online that complicates experience. Writing content that evokes emotion will garner about 20% more engagement. When you also include dynamic content, infographics, and imagery, it creates an innovative way to deliver messages to different demographics.


Paying for a social media manager to engage and provide content will personalize the branding and messaging your follower’s experience. You also have access to someone who can convert the engagement to sales, promote ads, and create buzz.


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