Need A Social Media Consultant? 5 Ways To Attract Social Media Demographics

Digital consumerism is always evolving just as social media demographics are which is why a social media consultant is a valuable asset for a business to have access. In 2017, nearly seven of ten consumers said social media had no impact on their buying patterns. By the end of 2018, half of the online users site Facebook as the leading influencer of social media sites which shows a significant shift in how customers are analyzing social media platforms and purchasing power. Do you need a social media consultant? Here are five ways Frogman Media Group will help.

1. Implement A Social Media Policy

A social media policy is intended to set a social media business strategy and procedure. It also sets standards, so managers can teach staff about engagement and conduct best practices. It also lets business owners establish a plan for company branding, reputation management, social media campaigns, and advertising which determines traffic, sales leads, and revenue potential. A policy also strengthens customer service communication.

2. Social Media Analytics

Does your company use available metric applications for social media marketing campaigns? A social media consultant will analyze your subscribers to gain more insight into their buying decisions, learn about post engagement time and frequency, identify possible social media influencers that will increase leads, and improve your overall advertising ROI. As all social media platforms offer users metrics, you will have the data you need to compare user demographics, traffic, and sales increases. Access to social media analytics also reduces the time it takes to implement new marketing strategies.

3. Product And Service Research

How much do you know about your products or services? Is the knowledge up-to-date? Your customers will visit your site for how-to and educational information, so you need a social media consultant who understands the value of product or service research. You also need to have a keyword research strategy to produce quality content that consumers want. A consultant will help you set up a social media calendar and work with marketing teams to start a social media campaign that corresponds with product availability.

4. New Consumer Acquisition Engagement

Every business will tell you that new customer acquisition is a vital revenue contributor. So, where are the customers? It turns out there are over 3.2 billion consumers waiting on various social media sites to hear from your business. Do you want to attract these users? 

  • Internet Users: 4.1 Billion
  • Mobile Social Media Users: 2.95 Billion
  • Facebook: 2.24 Billion: 10.7% Post V. Likes / 26.8% Post V. Reach
  • YouTube: 1.9 Billion
  • WhatsApp: 1.5 Billion (50% Use WhatsApp For Business)
  • WeChat: 1.05 Billion
  • Instagram: 1 Billion (71% of 18-24)
  • Twitter: 335 Million
  • Snapchat: 291 Million (78% of 18-24)

5. SEO And Geospatial Marketing

Do you want to expand the recognition of your business globally as an industry insider? Social media sites are the perfect multimedia platform to compete with your competitors. You also can use local SEO and geospatial marketing to attract consumers by location which will help your business transition from a small business to a global industry leader.

Hiring a full-time social media manager will cost a business tens of thousands a year, but using a social media consulting agency when you need it is an affordable alternative that delivers results.

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