New Pinterest Features Can Improve Your Marketing Reach

Pinterest is an excellent business tool that can lead customers to you quickly. Full of images and links to articles worthy of pinning, it’s one social media platform that often gets ignored by small businesses. Rather than forgo an opportunity to make a sale, what if we told you that multi-platform marketing campaigns are among the most successful?

After all, some of your best customers spend a great deal of time scrolling through Pinterest and clicking or pinning the things that they love the most. Why not be where they spend the most time? It’s an opportunity to reach them online when they’re the most likely to buy something from you. Using all social media platforms to promote your brand is highly advisable because it ensures that you reach your target demographic in all of the places they spend time in online.

This short guide introduces you to three new features offered by Pinterest. It details what they’re about and how to use them to your advantage. If you don’t have a business account on the platform yet, it’s wise to start thinking about getting one. It’s yet another way for you to reach out to your ideal customers and get them to know your company as well as what it has to offer them.

New Features to Strengthen Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to organizing your boards, keeping track of campaigns, and extending your reach, the new features offered by Pinterest are worth noting. They can make your company stand out more with little effort. You can use the tools to keep track of content and put your newest products and services front and center on the platform. You’ll find the entire experience worth the effort because Pinterest has 335+ million active users each month.

Some of the new Pinterest features that can improve your marketing reach include:

  • Dates for Boards. Only the person creating the boards can see the dates attached to them. For organization purposes, the feature is beneficial. It allows you to keep your content in chronological order. It also allows the account admin to delete content that is no longer relevant because it is dated. Dated boards are an entirely new concept and highly beneficial for keeping content organized. It can be very easy to lose track of when pins post. Thanks to this feature, however, it’s no longer an issue for the content creator to access the information needed to keep the account up-to-date, relevant, and interesting, so that more visitors to the site become customers of the brand.
  • Notes for Boards. Another classification tool that can only be seen by the content creator, this feature makes it possible to keep your thoughts straight when it comes to the boards that you create. Record thoughts, to-dos, and even insight into a campaign’s effectiveness in the box for notes. Customers will not see this information. Only the creator is privy to it when they log into the account. Notes make it easy to jot down thoughts on future campaigns, too. If a pin becomes popular, adding a note stating why it’s so is possible for reference purposes. Going back to this information allows you to create similar content that drives traffic your way.
  • This feature suggests interest-based options for new followers. It’s how your products and services come up in searches. Customers have the option to pin the items and content that interest them the most. That’s why you should have excellent descriptions and photographs for every new pin you create. It makes your pins searchable and also helps them become more visible thanks to the PinSage service. It’s one option worth looking into because it could help you turn a visitor into a paying customer rather quickly.

Pinterest provides many branding opportunities. If you haven’t yet used the platform to the fullest, now is the time to do so. You can extend your reach exponentially through high impact photos, links to excellent content, and videos promoting your company and its products and services. Creating consistent pins that show who you are as a brand helps you maintain your customers’ attention, who become loyal followers and long-term buyers of your offerings.

The social media platform isn’t as popular as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it does provide you with excellent opportunities as a business. You can add value to your customers’ lives by answering a need that they have and appealing to their senses by creating visually stunning posts that they want to share. When getting people excited about your brand, there is no better way to do it than through beautiful product photography and excellent value-oriented content. It’s precisely what your customers are looking for when they want to experience Pinterest.

Frogman Media Group is Here to Assist You with Your Pinterest Account

Let Frogman Media Group manage your social media accounts, including Pinterest. You don’t need to know how to use the new features when you have a team of seasoned pros like us handling the task for you. We’ll take care of all the hard work for you. Contact us today with all the details, and we’ll create a marketing plan for your social media accounts that drives business your way.

Pinterest is an excellent introduction to your brand. It’s mostly visual, which appeals to people’s emotions in their time of need. When they’re looking for something beautiful or helpful, they’ll turn to your company for inspiration. By clicking on the link included in your post, they’re taken to your website to buy the item that interests them or read the blog post you created to help make their life easier and better.

Contact a Pinterest account specialist today. Call 310-427-7706 or email to discuss social media marketing with us. We’re here to assist you in making your content visible, valuable, and sales-driven. Let us know how we can exceed your high expectations.