Reasons to Get a Social Media Management Team

Outreach is the key to any successful public relations campaign – the very goal of such a campaign is to “get more eyes” on the company, its products, its people, and what it does. Social media’s success, then, is in keeping those eyes there, and engaging potential customers and social ambassadors with interactive content, or at the very least content that begs some kind of interaction. Social media, all told, reaches 3.5 billion users around the world. That is the pool you can draw from with a social media management team taking care of the hard part for you. Here are some things they can do for you.

Linkedin Profile Management

Your business is multi-faceted, and keeping the Linkedin face clean and clear is as important as the “flashier” social media outlets. It has become such a popular blogging platform, it can be hard to strike the “relatable, but business-like” balance on your own. Let a social media management team analyze what “says” your business best and reflect that through posts from within the business via Linkedin.

Handling Your Instagram

Instagram is a mercurial outlet for content, and staying on top of trends while also pushing out a cohesive business image is best left up to the professionals. They know where to get the best images and how to make those images feel like they’re coming from the heart of your company’s core values. Any flux requires a management team who can go with that flux, finding the most eyes.

Tweeting for You

Twitter is heavy on thought engagement and any business which posts there needs to be prepared for responses that will challenge the company’s image. Having a social media management team allows for those kinds of fires to be put out quickly, and allows for gear-shifting in real-time, as well as pointed new policy changes that can play as important, real, and actionable.

Pinning your Content

Pinterest is an underrated platform, based not just on images, but on content that can be saved for later and categorized, and put in collections for later use. A social media management team knows the kind of pin-worthy content that is worth coming back to. If they are actively coming back to your content, they’re more likely to stay interested in your company.

Updating your Facebook

Facebook is massive, undeniable, and combines a lot of what the other social media companies have to offer, and a social media management team can combine all those skills, as well as use Facebook messenger for direct contact with consumers, for that air of attentiveness.


There’s no better reason to get a social media management team than to take the hard part off of your hands. They can be part of a singular campaign, acting from all angles, tailoring the same content, ideas, and philosophies to each individual social media platform. If it works one way on Linkedin, they’ll find the perfect picture to make it work on Instagram, too, and each outlet will follow suit. You should be able to set your plan in motion and let the experts make it a reality.