Frogman Media Group offers a wide range of marketing services that will help small and medium sized businesses grow and save money at the same time.
Our services include:
Social Media Management-

Facebook content creation, engagement, interaction and monitoring of comments and messages. Pricing includes engaging and high quality content and custom artwork with your logo to support posts. Facebook advertising is highly recommended. Ad budget is not included in the monthly cost however, we will manage and set-up your ads at no extra cost.

Twitter content creation, engagement, interaction, tribe building and monitoring of comments and messages.

Pinterest pricing includes a set of quality pins/ re-pins per week and tribe building to get your audience numbers up.

Instagram pricing includes a set of posts per week, engagement, tribe building, interaction and monitoring of comments and messages.

LinkedIn pricing includes a set of posts per week on your business page and connection building on personal site (if requested).

Blogging – Keyword analysis is performed based on your business and goals. Findings support custom blog posts that will draw maximum engagement with your audience, aligned with your goals.

Newsletters – Custom HTML templates created so your email blasts/announcements/invitations are impactful and quick to view by recipients upon first click.

Graphic design – Frogman Media Group employs a team of expert graphic artists ready on demand to support your miscellaneous graphic needs from logo design to packaging; from sell sheets and social media cover art to point-of-sale materials/edits/design. We also offer expert Power Point support – custom graphics, layout, writing and editing. The next time you launch a product, promotion, attend a trade show, etc. Frogman Media Group has you covered for all your graphic needs.

Digital Advertising – Using the Google Adword platform we design, implement and manage all Google Pay-Per-Click and Re-Targeting Ad campaigns from start to finish – and offer guidance as to the performance of the campaign along with suggestions to drive results further.

Writing – Are your product descriptions doing your products justice? We offer strategic well-thought-out copy for products, websites, point-of-sale materials, etc. Use Frogman Media Group as your objective third eye to finesse copy so that it is as impactful and on-point as it can be.

PR – New brand? Big news to share? We can create custom press releases and distribute them via PR Newswire quickly and efficiently.

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