Is it time you invest in an SEO strategy that helps your business rank in search engines, attract new traffic, generate leads, or increase conversion rates? It comes down to search engine optimization and strategic keyword placement which is why you will need to hire an SEO specialist to help you.


  • It’s Affordable When it comes to SEO, nothing is more accurate than the statement that time is money. A first place ROI is worth thirty percent higher in ROI than just ten places below it which means you are missing out on customers who are searching for your services as they prefer a top ranking company. Hiring an SEO specialist will boost your traffic and help you convert it.
  • You Get Immediate Access To Knowledge And Experience As a business owner, you want the best and the brightest in the field. Not only is SEO a competitive market, but it also gets pricey when hiring an employee to oversee keyword-friendly content creation. When you hire Frogman Media Group, you get SEO experts that understand how to analyze a business, perform keyword searches, and form a strategy.
  • Specialists Stay Up-To-Date On SEO Algorithm Changes A beneficial component to working with an SEO specialist is the ability to implement changes quickly when an SEO algorithm occurs which search engines like Google tend to do continuously. SEO is time-consuming, so you want someone who will implement website changes and optimize content, backlinks, social media, user experience, and local SEO.

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I can’t recommend Frogman highly enough. As a company that had just appeared on Shark Tank, we were inundated with offers for similar services, and many made the mistake of trying to overcharge us because of their assumptions about our situation. Not Frogman. Sabrena came in with a detailed and reasonably priced plan for taking over our social media presence, and entrusting her with our business is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Sabrena and her team are professional and responsive with our customers, and we’ve grown to trust their voice as our own. They are also very strategic and research-driven in how they spend your ad dollars, and hold themselves accountable with detailed reports on their performance. We look forward to growing our business alongside Frogman for many years to come.

Brian S.

Owner , The Comfy