Should You Mind Your Ps and Qs When It Comes to the Type of Content You Post?

In today’s revolving climate of content, is there such a thing as sharing too much? Is it necessary to let others know what’s on your mind always or how you feel about political, social, financial, medical, and environmental matters if they don’t pertain to your business? It’s up to you to determine what type of atmosphere you want to create in your virtual space. Think of it as your living room if you will, but know that with all sensitive topics comes a level of responsibility when sharing them.

For example, how many times have you heard the term “fake news”? How can any credible news source be responsible for sharing fabricated stories if they’ve thoroughly investigated the topics they report? The problem isn’t the reporters or news stations. It’s the many people who share fake news stories on social media without fact-checking the news.

Research, Research, Research Before Posting and Sharing

So, before you jump on the reactionary bandwagon as a business, first see if what is being said has an ounce of truth in it. Chances are, it doesn’t. Next, give yourself time to think before firing off a post in relation to a trending news topic. Plenty of other people will jump at the chance and experience the fallout you’ll want to avoid.

Be Ready to Respond to Customers and Trolls

Carefully crafting a post in relation to a current event requires patience, research, and preparation. Not everyone will agree with what you say no matter which stance you take. Be prepared for comments and even trolling if you share your posts in a public forum. Separate fact from fiction by having credible resources that back up your claims.

Not everyone will be quick to pay attention, but if you make it known that this how you feel as a consensus, you’ll build a following of people who respect and honor your opinions. You may lose customers over a difference in opinions so keep in mind how important it is to vocalize your beliefs.

When to Respond and When to Stay Quiet

Is it better to stay mum and ruffle feathers that way? Or, do you craft a carefully thought out post that shares your stance so that there aren’t major questions later? Do you postpone your response until you’ve had a chance to speak to your legal counsel who will advise you on whether you should post about a matter?

Keep It Strictly Business If You Have Your Doubts

Remember, the internet is a space shared by many people with differences in opinion. When in doubt, keep your business accounts strictly business. You’ll avoid the hassles that come with emotionally-charged subjects which take attention away from your company and branding.

Be a Mouthpiece for Others in Creative Ways

Standing up for the disadvantaged is something you can do in other ways without necessarily writing an entire blog post or dedicated Facebook or Twitter posts to it. For example, if you want to respond to the speed of relief efforts, organize a charitable campaign that donates a portion of your sales to a needy cause.

You’ll find that people respond better to posts like these because they don’t feel like their opinions are being challenged or threatened. They have the option to support a cause through your campaign without the need to blast it all over social media if they don’t feel comfortable doing so.

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