Social Media Basics: Facebook Live

Last year, Facebook unveiled yet another new feature called “Facebook Live.” It allows users to live stream a video to their followers from wherever they are in the world. Here we break down the basics of Facebook Live and give some insights into how you can use it for your business.


The Basics

As we said before, Facebook Live lets you do a live video broadcast from wherever you are. It’s Facebook’s answer to YouTube videos, Snapchat, and Twitter’s Periscope. Now, it’s available to anyone with a Facebook profile, but before you jump right in, read up on some of the features.


How to Use it

The best way to “go live” is with a mobile phone, since it gives you the most flexibility and range of motion with your camera. Simply go to the box you’d use to make a status update, then click the Live Video button. Write a description of your event (it’s optional, but a good practice), hit the big blue Go Live button, and you’re there! Let your followers know well in advance that you’re doing a live broadcast so they know when to tune in.


Special Features

Facebook Live has a number of interesting features. Like any post, it lets you select your audience. You can make it totally public or limit it to your page’s friends and followers. Anyone you choose to show will get a notification about your live video and can choose to tune in. Anyone watching will be able to react in real time, and you’ll get feedback about what segments users reacted to the most. You can also add filters, stickers and write messages into the video.


Ways to Use It

There are lots of ways businesses can benefit from broadcasting live videos on Facebook. Remember that each live video has a 30-minute time limit, so choose what you’re going to show wisely.


Give a Tour

If you’re a business that has a really cool office or does work in incredible places, it could be neat for your followers to see where you work. Take your followers behind the scenes and show off your workspace or let customers know where in the world you are that day. If you’re displaying your cool office, talk about why you think it’s important to have a great office. If you’re in an interesting city of country, talk about how much fun it is to see the world while you work. You could even show your daily operations or give insights into how you run your business.


Answer Questions

If you’ve noticed in the comments on your page or posts that certain questions keep getting brought up, Facebook Live is a great way to answer them. Get an expert or someone at a high level in the company to come and answer some of those FAQs live.


Live Stream Events

If your business is hosting an event, invite followers to join by live broadcasting it over Facebook. They can get a firsthand look into conferences, seminars, panel discussions, fundraisers or gala events. Show keynote speakers, breakout groups and more to deliver real content to your followers. If you’re hosting an event that’s open to the public, you can also show to preparations to spread the word and get people excited to attend.

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